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Medium Cat Scratching Post KBM008/2 White w/ Paws
54,75 €*

Medium Cat Scratching Post KBM008/2 White ...

  44 x 30 x 163cm
  2 platforms
  1 cave and 2 baskets

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Cats are distinctive and love their freedom. They are ineducable and not dependent on the people. But when cats are not allowed to go out you need to keep them busy inside. At online shop you can buy all kinds of cat supplies like cat trees in various sizes, cat toys and cat carriers.

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Cat supplies: Scratching posts and toys for house cats

Cats fall under the most popular pets in the world. This is not surprising as cats are entertaining and like cuddling. They are intelligent and they are very good at surprising us again and again. But especially indoor cats need to be kept occupied. The suitable cat supplies can be used for this. The pet owner can create an environment in which demanding cats feel comfortable with scratching posts, toys, and other cat supplies. There is a selection of quality cat supplies on Here you will find everything to please your little darling.     

Toys for house cats: Cat supplies for intelligent occupation

Cats are very curious animals. You can make use of this characteristic when you want to keep your cat busy. They love to examine unknown objects and look for animal feed in small openings.
You give your cat the opportunity of running free in their curiosity with intelligent toys and cat supplies. Educational toys often have hidden hollow spaces in which you can hide small treats. It is then the task for the cat to find these treats. Even indoor cats have an innate urge to hunt. Therefore, cats see everything that moves or rustles as a potential prey, and therefore start hunting it.  This way, suitable toys and equipment can encourage your cat to creep up on something, lie in wait, hide and jump. Various manufacturers offer a wide selection of cat supplies: Fishing rods, feathers, balls, and many more – your cat will get much fun out of pelting after them. Some toys can be used by the little one without your help because the ball rolls along fixed tracks. Others, like fishing rods or small mice are perfect for a little catching  game. The human player should, however, not forget to allow the cat to have a sense of achievement from time to time. If the cat never actually catches its supposed prey, this can be very frustrating. Another popular toy for cats apart from toy mice and feather fishing rods, are rustling tunnels in which the animals can hide. Such rustling tunnels can easily be included in the game when playing with the cat. The tunnel is not only designed to walk through it, but it can be used by the cat to “hunt” as well. They have several openings and are thus structured like a mobile cave: The cat can lie in wait and attack their “prey”, a ball for example. Such a tunnel is very exciting particularly for kittens with a strong play instinct, and usually causes lots of fun.

Scratching posts – important  equipment and piece of furniture

Amongst other things you will find a wide range of scratching posts in our cat shop on These specific cat supplies are extremely good value for money. You can choose between scratching posts of medium height and floor-to-ceiling ones. The latter can be adjusted with a specific thread in most cases so that the scratching post is firmly secured between floor and ceiling. This makes sure that the posts are very sturdy and that they do not fall over, even if the cat makes quick and jerky movements. Smaller models also offer the opportunity of climbing and cuddling. A heavy base, which keeps the centre of gravity low,  makes them sturdy. A scratching post is the one piece of equipment every owner should go and buy himself because cats love climbing. If they do not have the opportunity of climbing outside, they will usually choose one piece of furniture on which they will climb up. Cats at any age love to watch the events happening around them from a higher point of view. It is in the nature of cats to climb a watching post. Compared to scratching posts especially designed for this case, pieces of furniture often have the disadvantage that cats may injure themselves. Sharp edges, glass and metal can be very dangerous for cats. Moreover, fragile objects could fall down from shelves and cupboards while the cat is on tour. One further advantage of the scratching post is the possibility of rubbing the claws on it. You probably do not want your cat to scratch your furniture because it would not look nice. However, scratching falls under the natural behaviour of cats. These cannot be stopped by humans but it can be lead in the right channels with the appropriate equipment. Once the cat has its own place to romp around, it will not be interested in other pieces of furniture any longer.                        
Overview of advantages of scratching posts:
  • Permanent spot for the cat with a good view
  • Cat does not scratch furniture but sisal surface of scratching post
  • Cat does not climb on cupboards and window-sills
  • Makes games with toys, like fishing rods, more interesting and varied  

We offer quality cat supplies at Rummage through our wide rage of goods and order everything you need for your little darling's well-being online!