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Cats spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact, they spend most of their time sleeping, which is why good quality cat beds can greatly improve the quality of life of your cats. Take a look through our selection of comfortable, cosy, and durable cat baskets available to order online at!
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A cat basket as convenient and comfortable place to sleep

One or even several cosy sleep and cuddle spots are the alpha and omega for both in- and outdoor cats. Even though our four-legged friends like to squeeze themselves into the smallest baskets, their permanent sleeping spot should be generously calculated so that the little one has enough space to lie comfortably. Choose a place for the basket where the cat feels secure but can overlook the whole room. Furthermore, cats love to be close to their humans; therefore your kitty would be pleased about a spot in the living room, office or any other room of the house where it can keep your company. It would be best if you would choose several spots – some hidden, others in busy places – so that your cat can decide whether it wants to have some quiet or relax close-by its owners. As time goes by, your cat will have found several favourite spots where you can then put the cat basket. Do not be surprised if the cat does not accept the basket immediately. In many cases such a basket has to be in the house for a while before it is being used.  

Cat basket or cat bed for your four-legged friend

Cats love spots where they can stretch out and really relax. A generous basket or bed offers enough room so that even two of our four-legged friends can cuddle up in it and feel protected by the raised edge. The basket should be placed on a permanent spot form where the cat can overlook its environment. Raised places are especially popular amongst many kittens. Suitable places to put the bed would be cupboards or shelves, for example. If your cat is a bit older or has problems with the joints, you should make sure that the cat reaches its basket without troubles, and as well provide a supporting device for ascent and descend. This could be a cat ladder or just a chair. Cat baskets and beds are available in several materials. The upholstery should be washable and nice and soft so that your cat can make itself comfortable.          

Cat cave or cat house for your four-legged friend

Apart from cat baskets and beds, our four-legged friends are also fond of closed refuges where they can have some peace and quiet. Cat caves and cat houses are most suitable for this matter; they have one or two entries and surround the cat from almost all sides, which gives the animals a sense of security. However, cat caves with only one entry might cause problems if one of the cats is not accepted and chased by the others. In this case, cat beds or quiet spots with several openings are the better solution. You can put caves or houses in places where the house cat can really seclude itself and hide from humans and other cats. Just watch your animal and find out more about its habits and you will find the right place for the cave or house to put. There are, of course, various other places to sleep with which you can delight your little one – take hammocks or tunnels but also plush hollow and cat cushions, for example. Many of those are often already included in scratching posts, which provide further sleeping places with a good view. It usually takes a bit longer for the cat to accept hammocks and dangling plush hollows because it might get confused by the movement of those. This shyness is, however, gone very soon and they will quite often become your cat's most favourite spot. Apart from beds and cushions you provide your cat with, it will also find their own, sometimes quite unusual spots for a nice nap. Some cats prefer the sink, others like to sleep in the washing machine. That is why you should always check whether the washing machine is really empty before putting the dirty linen in and starting the washing programme. Also more usual places, like bed or couch, which are usually used by the human occupants, are frequently used. Here an overview of cats sleeping places:
  • Cat basket and bed in order to comfortably stay on top of things
  • Cat cave and house as safe refuge
  • further devices, like hammock, plush hollow, etc.      
The team of has designed a handy selection of appealing cat supplies from cat baskets and cat beds up to cat caves and cat houses. Have a look around our wide range of cat supplies and choose the appropriate one for your little friend.