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To keep a cat happy and healthy use plenty of cat toys! These will keep a cat agile and prevent boredom or frustration, and are a great way to spend some quality playtime with your favourite pet.
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Toys for cats – sensible way of passing the time for nosy kitties   

Cats are predators which bag several little animals in the wild. In general, it is assumed that they eat 6-12 mice and other animals. Cats are mainly on the kill in the twilight but also during the day. If your cat is an indoor cat or lives outside but with fixed feeding times, the hunting is left out. Therefore, it would be sensible to offer your cat an alternative to satisfy urge to hunt, curiosity and need for movement and to prevent the cat from being bored. A bored cat often starts to scratch furniture and wallpaper or looks for another way of satisfying urge to hunt and move.    

Toys for little predators

Whether cat fishing rod, mouse or ball – cats like to catch potential prey even if it is only toys. Especially kittens need this kind of physical utilization in order to satisfy their urge to hunt and play, which is also good for yourselves. After all, you will probably be very grateful when your cats are as tired as yourself at night-time. Note that it is very important for young cats to have a sense of achievement now and then so that they do not become frustrated but permanently enthusiastic about the toys.          
Many cats even retrieve mouse and ball so that the owner has to throw it again – an activity which is great fun for both animal and owner. Cat fishing rods usually consist of a rod and a cord with feathers or other toys, like mice, fish, butterflies or a fox´s tail attached. These toys can be exchanged in many cases so that the game is more varied. The advantage of playing with a cat fishing rod is that your hand is at a safe distance and you do not get scratched accidentally that much. However, these toys are only fun when played with a human, but there are also toys designed for cats to play by themselves. These toys often appeal to the cat´s intelligence and exploratory spirit. There are, for example, intelligence toys with several drawers in which you can hide treats for the cat to find. Other examples would be feed labyrinths, snackballs, devices which have to be turned around by the cat, so-called “fumble boards” with various extras and many more toys, which make  demands on the intelligence of the cat but at the same time ensure that the it is also physically running to capacity. Physical and mental utilization make sure that animal and owner are pleased and, moreover, the way the cats gets to its feed corresponds to the natural behaviour of the little predator. The toys can be filled with dry treats or commercial kibbles.     

Toys for lurking, cuddling and hiding

If a cat wants to be a good predator, it has to carefully watch the prey first, waylay it and look for a good hiding place while doing so, because mouse or bird will get wind of the cat and disappear very quickly. Also indoor cats have lurking and hiding in their blood – all the better that they can live their natural behaviour with the help of cat toys. One great option for this would be our rustling tunnels, for example, which are available in various designs. These toys can be perfectly incorporated into the game and your cat can waylay an imaginary prey, its owner or another cat and vigorously jump out of its hiding place. Those handy tunnels are also used by many cats to take a pleasant nap. The fact that the tunnel has two exits also corresponds to the cat's natural behaviour because cats which live in the wild are not only skilful hunters but also potential prey of larger predators; caves with just one exit could quickly become a trap. Therefore, cats value the handy rustling tunnels as toy or refuge and snuggle up in them, or play with other cats. You see that cat supplies can be quite varied and are designed to support different natural characteristics of your cat, so that it can live it up even as indoor cat. This way, the cat is mentally and physically challenged, which comes in useful to both you and your cat.
Advantages of cat supplies at a glance:   
  • Satisfy urge to hunt
  • Ensure physical and mental utilization
  • Invite to lurking, hiding and cuddling

Our team has put together a wide selection of toys especially for cats, which offer varied playing possibilities. Take a look at the wide range of goods and you will certainly find something suitable for you and, of course, particularly for your kitten.