KBD007/2 Cat Scratching Post Colour Option

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  • Height about 230cm
  • Floor Plate 60cm x 40cm
  • choice of colour
  • Play rope
  • 2 hideaway caverns
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Contents Included
Curious cuddly cat climbing upon this and that, up and playing around the new scratching tree, what a curious creature is he.

Extra large scratching post with lots of activities and resting areas. Here any cat will feel even more at home. Provide your cat with a place to stretch, exercise and a spot to retire away to.

Cats have a natural urge to scratch, so allow your cat to claw away our tree. Every house cat needs its own cat scratching post.

Extra Tall : about 230cm!

With an activity play rope

Many tall viewing spots

2 laying baskets, to retire away for quiet or for a cat-naps

2 caverns to hideaway in

The columns are designed to help your cat replenish their claws

Great for stretching muscles & exercising, especially in the winter when your cat is stuck indoors

Technical Information

Size of Floor Plate: about 60cm x 40cm

Height: 2.30m

Hideaway Cavern: about 40 x40 x 30cm

Size of Laying Basket: 52 x 42cm

Circumference of Column: about 8 cm

Contents Included

Feline Scratching Post, some assembly required

Colours (depending on availability): Beige / Blue / Gray / White / Beige with paws/ Gray with paws / White with paws, (Colours may slightly vary from illustration)

Art.No.: KBD007/2beige

Textile raw material composition:

100% Polyester