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Sitting on a cat tree ceiling high the cat has an overview of the whole apartment and can observe everything and everybody. Many house cats really appreciate this possibility and love climbing on the tree and also taking their nap on it. By giving your pet cat one of our cat trees ceiling high, you will make it very happy and ensure enough entertainment for your cat.
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Cat scratching posts – great and long-lasting fun from floor to ceiling

Every cat household should have a scratching post and hereby offer its cat a great opportunity of occupying itself according to its individual needs. You can choose from a wide range of different scratching posts: small or high, slender or wide, in one colour or colourful or even a whole scratching post landscape. Floor-to-ceiling scratching posts, which can also be attached to the ceiling so that it cannot fall over, are particularly popular. In case of floor-to-ceiling scratching posts, a so-called ceiling clamp is often used to attach the post to the ceiling so that your cat can play and romp around without worrying. These clamps are often adjustable in height so that the scratching post matches the ceiling height of the room.

Cat scratching posts  – activity and resting areas

Ceiling height scratching posts usually have various levels the highest of which is just underneath the ceiling. This level is almost always the favourite spot of the cats because they have the best view from there but feel safe and sound at the same time. It is comparable to a tree in the wild from which cats can watch their surroundings without being seen or caught by other predators, like wolves or big birds of prey. After all, wildcats are not only excellent hunters but also prey for larger predators. Of course, scratching posts also invite to take a nice nap in one of the many refuges for your cat. Most cat trees, no matter whether they are ceiling height or not, are provided with several plush caves, tunnels, hammocks and other cosy spots, which offer your cat a great place to take a break and relax. Here, your kitten can comfortably lie down and rest or watch its surroundings and the hustle and bustle in the house. Those two activities often alternate. In households with more than one cat we recommend to provide several refuges so that the cats do not get into an argument. It would be best to provide each item or spot twice because the animals often have similar preferences.   

Cat scratching posts ceiling height – room for playing and climbing

The problem with smaller scratching devices is that cats can replenish their claws but cannot use it for playing and climbing. A scratching post (ceiling height), however, is the perfect choice if you want to provide your cat with a new playground. They can chase each other, satisfy their urge to climb, lie in wait for each other or play hide-and-seek and the scratching posts can be integrated in all of those games. Many scratching posts are also provided with different cat toys attached to cords or metal springs, which can be caught by the cat from the several levels. The bigger the scratching post the more possibilities for the cat to practise its urge to play, hunt and move. If you put several ceiling high scratching posts into the right position, you can connect them with each other by combining them with pieces of furniture, like shelves. Thus you create a second level for your cat. This is a good opportunity to provide your cat with more space especially in smaller flats. Apart from various ways of using the scratching post for fun and games, one should also take its main purpose into consideration:
Sharpening your cat's claws.         
A cat's claws are comparable to the human thumb. They do not only serve as effective hunting weapon but also as support for activities like climbing, territory marking and defence. In order to keep their claws sharp and ready for use, it is one of a cat's natural habits to sharpen them regularly. If the owner does not provide the cat with with a scratching post, it is likely that the cat looks for an alternative, like wallpaper, furniture or carpets, for the daily claw care. Ceiling high scratching post have the unquestionable advantage that they are compact on the one hand and that they offer enough room for your cat to properly stretch during claw care, which is beneficial for its well-being. An appropriate scratching post reduces the risk of  the cat scratching and damaging furnishings. Reasons in favour of cat scratching posts:   
  • Space saving
  • Appropriate for cats
  • Many funny and sensible possibilities of keeping cats occupied
  • Offers good view for the cat
  • Popular resting area

The team of Jago24.co.uk has designed a handy selection of appealing floor-to-ceiling scratching posts. Have a look around our wide range of goods and choose your favourite one.