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Cats have their own daily routine. They climb, sharpen their claws, play or take a nap. The perfect equipment you can buy for your cat is a climbing tree. The tree can be easily integrated in the flat and house cats will have a lot of fun with it. You find a great variety of different cat trees and spare parts in our online shop.

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A scratching post brings a welcome change and great fun into a cat household

Cats are specialised hunters and dependent on their claws as useful tool to seize their prey. Their claws are also very important for climbing and fights with other cats or animals which are up to no good. Therefore, they have to be sharp and the outer layer has to be removed. In the wild, cats sharpen their claws on trees – indoors they start using furniture or wallpaper if there is no appropriate alternative. This is rarely the object of the owner and therefore a scratching post is a good way of leading the cat into the right channels. Such scratching posts are usually made of one or several pillars wrapped around with sisal, and should be inviting for your cat to scratch its claws. This normally works but it is possible that you have to put up several scratching areas so that the cat does not look for alternatives.   

Scratching posts as areas for cuddling and sleeping

A scratching post is not only suitable to sharpen the cat's claws but it also offers many refuges for your cat. There are for example, caves, tunnels, hammocks and plush spots lined with cloth, which offer your cat a great place to take a break. In households with more than one cat we recommend to provide several refuges so that the cats do not get into an argument. Many cats also like to cuddle with each other in one cave or hammock. Make sure that there is enough room for two or more cats in the single caves to closely snuggle up and take a nap.   

Scratching posts as popular play and observation spots

Apart from several refuges scratching posts also offer many different possibilities of playing most of which are cat toys attached to cords or metal springs. So your little one can play by himself but if it feels like it can also romp around with playmates. They can chase each other, satisfy their urge to climb, lie in wait for each other or play hide-and-seek. Our scratching posts can be integrated in those games. Moreover, animals love spots from where they are able to see out over the whole room and have a good view. Especially high cat scratching posts offer your purring four-legged friend several viewing platforms where they can get cosy and see what is going on in the house. If the scratching post is put in front of a window, they will also watch the outside world with pleasure. Furthermore, they can also take a nice nap on those viewing platforms. It can happen that scratching posts do not look very nice any more after some time. The plush cover and the sisal wrapping get worn because they are constantly being exposed to sharp claws. Several replacement parts for scratching posts are available so that your scratching post can shine in new splendour. By the way, the scratching of the post is not only important for sharpening the claws but also for territory marking reasons. Cats' claws are provided with scent glands with which they emit a scent mark which can be perceived by other cats. This is one of the natural characteristics of the animals, which should also be carried out inside, if possible. You as their owner should give them the opportunity to do so. Sometimes it happens that cats have too long claws although they use a scratching post. This might have several reasons – some cats develop this quality in old age. At all events, you should clip the claws yourself or get it done by a vet or another qualified person. If the claws are not being clipped or the cat does not have the opportunity of doing it itself with the help of a scratching post, for example, it might lead to partly severe injuries of the claws. Scratching posts are good for both well-being and health of your pet, and offers your animal flatmate many advantages.
Here an overview of those advantages:     
  • sensible opportunity to sharpen the claws
  • handy spot for sleeping and taking a rest
  • great observation deck
  • wonderful playground
  • enables your cat to live its natural behaviour

The team of has designed a handy selection of appealing scratching posts. These scratching posts are available in many different colours and designs so that you can choose the one matching your interior style best. Have a look around our wide range of goods and choose your favourite scratching post.

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