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Cat scratching post – a paradise for cats

Taken in to account that according to scientific findings, cats spend two thirds of the day sleeping, the remaining 8 hours is filled with numerous activities - jumping and romping all over the place, exploring and following all their natural instincts, such as hunting or claws sharpening. Your cat needs a suitable place for this. If you are a pet owner you must have some good stories about beautiful sofas which served for claws sharpening or room plants that survived the acrobatics of your cats. All this makes a pet owner eager to find an affordable and compact solution that will meet all the needs of your pussy cat. We are willing to help with this search and have the ideal solution:  a cat scratching post from JAGO. 

Play, activity and relaxation with a small compact cat scratching post

A cat scratching post is the best toy for your cat. It offers your pets a lot of challenges and opportunities for playing and also provides a place to sleep and relax. Your pussy cat will love all these activities. Our cat scratching post with the height of 1 m, 1.2 m or less offers all this and is especially suitable for small flats.

The contribution of the cat scratching post to the overall health of cats must not be underestimated. Same as people, cats also need regular activity and sports activities. We all know that lack of activity causes weight gain and joints injuries. However, these damages and conditions can be avoided thanks to the various possibilities of movements this cat scratching post offers.

Your cat will not be bored with this post. Our designer created several interesting details to keep your pet in a good mood with respect to its instincts and need to be active. Sightseeing platforms, play mouse and play rope – are all the details that help your cat romp, climb and hunt and do all the other things that are in their nature on this small cat scratching post. We should bear in mind that our kittens are descendants of wild tigers.

Sleep kitty, sleep! All tailored to the needs of your cat to sleep and relax

Even the liveliest pussy cat needs a break. Whether in a deep sleep, short nap or dozing, cats spend 16 hours a day sleeping. In these moments, your pets like to feel warm, protected  and enjoy slightly elevated areas.  That is why this is the perfect post for your cats. Small cat scratching post with a cave? Small cat scratching post with a lying hollow? Or both? Have a look at our online shop and find a suitable model for you. Caves and lying hollows are padded in soft polyester which makes them comfortable for cats and easy to clean.  

An eyecatcher in different colours and designs

Both you and your pet should like the scratching post. However, your criteria and the criteria of your pets are different. Cats are focused on entertainment and owners pay more attention to fitting the post with furnishings. For this reason, we offer a large selection of colours and designs. Elegant, natural, extravagant – there is something for every taste. Our small scratching post is available in grey, black, white, burgundy, beige, blue, brown and in also in unusual designs like grey with paws or white with paws.  

This cat scratching post will strengthen the bond between the cat and its owner through playing. This is especially important when the cat comes into your home for the first time. It is good to reserve fixed playing times from the beginning to help your cat get accustomed to the unfamiliar environment. Take the rope or the mouse and let your cat catch it. It is important for your cat to catch the prey every time in order to have a sense of success and feel good and comfortable in your home.  

Care of claws – manicure and pedicure for cats

How did the cat scratching post get its name? Cats use it for scratching and sharpening their claws which is very important for them. With their pointy, sharp and bent claws cats climb, defend themselves, communicate and leave their marks to claim their territory.  Shortening claws is a must for cats and they will always do this. If they are not offered an attractive alternative, they will use padded upholstery on furniture or a tree in the neighbour's garden. With this scratching post you will avoid all this because it is covered with durable sisal fibres that meet all the needs for sharpening the claws of your cats.      

Shorter scratching posts are ideal basic equipment for cats. Treat yourself to a pet scratching post today. You can find more information about delivery and payment on our webpage.

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