Dog Supplies
Dog bed in three sizes S
18,95 €*

Dog bed in three sizes S

  Size: S, M or L
  quality workmanship
  easy to clean

Dog bed in various sizes and colours brown...

  width: ca. 63-140 cm
  height: ca. 18-35 cm
  depth: ca. 50-100 cm
Dog bed in various sizes and colours brown / S
18,95 €*

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A man's best friend is his dog. He is a very loyal companion. It doesn't matter if you are walking, riding a bike, driving with your car or just staying at home, the dog wants to be with you all the time. In our dog online shop you find a lot of equipment which will make your dog happy. Show him that you love him as much as he loves you.

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Our dog shop offers numerous products for your four-legged friend

Dogs are said to be the first animals to join the humans and become their pets. Still today many pet-loving people choose to keep one or even several of the barking four-legged friends. Dogs are descendants of wolves and are therefore pack animals, which love to be surrounded by its pack or rather its humans. Various dog supplies are useful to strengthen the relationship between dog and human and to ensure optimal conditions for the dog.  

On tour with dog and bike

Enthusiastic cyclists take their dogs with them on bicycle rides. Dogs which are mobile, healthy and fully grown can run along next to the bike after sufficient training. Your dog definitely needs to be trained in how to behave in traffic to prevent falls and other accidents, which could seriously injure owner and the dog. Dogs which are not able to run along the bike for several reasons, or need a break now and then, can be transported in comfortable bike trailers especially designed for dogs. They are safe and secure so that your dog cannot get out during the journey and injure itself. These trailers are also very useful to transport shopping and other loads if you did not take your dog with you. However, you should make sure not to exceed the maximum load. One of the reasons for keeping a dog is the fact that you go for  long walks regularly, which is often skipped when you do not have a dog and therefore no particular reason for it. You usually need a collar or harness and a lead for walking the dog but sometimes it is necessary to go easy on your four-legged friend because of problems with the joints, illness, old age, etc. Our convenient dog buggy performs a very helpful service here. You can take your dog everywhere without having to carry it. Sometimes it is also necessary to transport the dog in the car. Always secure the dog during the journey so that it does not disturb the driver or get catapulted out of the car during an accident. You can either strap up the dog by using specific belts or use a suitable transport crate, which can be put in the boot of the car. A transport crate with the appropriate dimensions is often more comfortable and also more secure. The dog crates available in our shop offer enough space for your four-legged family members and can easily be cleaned if necessary.      

At home with the dog

Dogs and their owners are not on tour all day, of course. They also spend much time at home. Here, the animal should have a permanent place where it can have some peace and quiet. Dogs love soft and comfortable refuges. Most common are dog baskets in the appropriate size or luxurious dog beds, which are available in our online shop. Even if your dog is fully occupied mentally and physically thanks to brain-work and dog training, it will be delighted about further challenges and varied toys. There are several different toys for dogs; appropriate toys for inside are on the one hand toys with which the dog can play by itself and on the other hand  toys which challenge the dog mentally, like intelligence toys: Dogs have to knock over skittle, pull on cords or even open drawers to get to the hidden treats. These kind of toys challenge and support the dog and are great fun for both dog and owner. Other toys which can also be used to fill in the time a dog spends alone at home are, for example, dog chews and chew bones. Some of these dog chews can be filled with treat, which will give your dog additional pleasure and sweeten the wait. However, your dog should not spend too much time alone. If you are gone for more than a few hours, you should see that someone looks after your dog. It is recommended that dogs are not left alone in the house for more than three hours. You will find a wide range of dog supplies on Have a look around our shop and make your four-legged friend happy with one of our products:   
  • Convenient bike trailers
  • Luxurious dog beds
  • Dog buggies
  • Further quality dog supplies

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