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Make sure it's not a dog's life for your four-legged friend with our range of clever and cute dog accessories. As well as popular and well-known leopet® dog beds and baskets, has a great selection of products on offer for man's best friend. Whether it's an automatic pet feeder that will take care of up to four mealtimes a day, groomers and brushes for a healthy coat, or a neck-friendly harness, make your pet's life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with our extensive range of dog accessories.

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Dog accessories for comfort and convenience

Any product that makes your dog's life more comfortable and makes your life as an owner more convenient counts as a dog accessory. That certainly includes the fantastic range of cosy, comfy dog beds from leopet®, but many more of our products fit that description, too. Automatic pet feeders, groomers, leads and harnesses are just a few examples. supplies tried-and-tested dog accessories which also bring something new, making sure that the product is of real benefit to you as a pet owner. It's important to JAGO that our array of accessories has real value and is of practical use in your – and your dog's – everyday life. This love of innovation shines through in our whole product range and is something of a hallmark of the leopet® brand, which has successfully provided dog supplies online since 2005.

Dog groomer for essential coat care

One example of an extremely useful dog accessory is the dog groomer from leopet®. As a loving owner, you obviously want your pet's coat to look and feel sleek, shiny and healthy, but having a coat that's well cared for is important for your four-legged friend, too. Lots of dogs love being brushed, which gently removes dirt as well as loose hair. A groomer is a dog accessory that isn't just enjoyable for your pet – it's also great for their health. Grooming stimulates the skin's circulation, which in turn helps lead to strong and healthy hair regrowth. Regularly brushing the coat also strengthens the bond between the two of you, while giving you the chance to check for skin problems, injuries or parasites. The cat or dog groomer from is available in three different sizes, so whether your canine companion is a Chihuahua or an Irish Wolfhound, you'll be able to buy this dog accessory in the right size. The clever click system means that once you’ve finished brushing, you can simply remove the comb, give it a quick wash and click it back into place ready for the next grooming session.

Automatic pet feeder – an indispensable dog accessory

No matter how much you love your pet, life – and particularly work – can get in the way, and it's not always possible to be there to feed them punctually at the same time every day. Perhaps even when you are there, you're just too busy or preoccupied to always remember to fill up the dog's bowl at feeding time. Man's best friend, however, is a creature of habit. They know when it's dinner time, and just as it is for us, it's a part of the day to look forward to! Make sure you no longer disrupt their feeding routine or disappoint them at dinner time with this unique dog accessory. This practical automatic pet feeder is divided into four compartments for up to four meals a day and is covered with a lid. Simply programme the feeder according to which times of the day your dog prefers to eat, and the built-in timer will make sure it opens automatically for the set mealtime. If you have to stay late at the office or get stuck in traffic, you'll still come home to a happy, satisfied canine who's ready for a walk around the block. All you have to do to is fill the compartments up and programme the timer – this clever, fully-automatic pet feeder will do the rest. Choose from a range of colours, and buy a dog accessory that will keep your four-legged friend happy and well-fed, while giving you the peace of mind that goes with knowing your pet won't go hungry, even when you're not there.

A dog harness instead of a traditional lead or leash

More and more dog trainers recommend using a dog harness rather than a traditional lead or leash. One of the most important arguments in favour of this dog accessory is that it takes a lot of the strain off the animal's neck vertebrae. As most of our canine companions are full of life and want to investigate by sniffing around as much as possible, pulling on a lead can place considerable strain on their neck vertebrae. Particularly when the animal is young, responsible dog owners should consider investing in a dog harness. Apart from health considerations, there's also safety to think about; this dog accessory makes it particularly difficult for your dog to free itself and run into the road, which can happen all too easily with a traditional lead. As well as lightening the load on your pet's neck and improving safety, this clever dog accessory from will simply make taking the dog for a walk more relaxing and enjoyable. It's important to remember to measure your faithful friend before buying; everything should fit perfectly, and your dog's mobility shouldn't be affected, so that walks are still something to look forward to for both of you.

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