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Dog owners like to give their dog some of the love back they get unconditionally from the pet. In order to do this, they make sure the dog feels comfortable. A consistent place where the dog can backtrack is the best thing for its well-being. Therefore a suitable dog basket will make your pet very happy.

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For your loyal four-legged friend: Dog baskets for cuddling and well-being

Dogs are distinct pack animals and would like it best to be with their families all the time. They are mad about running and playing, follow their master or mistress everywhere and enjoy long walks. But as much as dogs need movement they also require quiet phases when they want to be left alone and just relax. A dog basket or bed with a cosy blanket is the perfect place for your animal friend to have some peace and quiet and relax. Here they can also take a restorative nap. Dogs sleep many hours a day because their need for sleep is much more distinct than ours. All the more important it is that dogs have a soft and clean place to sleep where they feel comfortable and safe. Dogs long for a sheltered environment especially when they are asleep, and therefore a dog basket is the perfect place for them to sleep. The raised edges shield the dog from its surroundings and a cosy dog blanket and a soft cushion ensure comfort and protect your dog from the coldness coming from the floor.            
Dog beds and baskets are usually accepted voluntarily as place to sleep and relax. The dog knows that it can take a break here without being disturbed. However, it is very important to choose an appropriate spot to put the basket. Our four-legged friends love to spend also their quiet phases in the bosom of its family. A quiet corner in the living room or the kitchen-cum-living room are perfect for this matter. Cellars or rooms which are not being used very often are quiet but give the dog the uneasy feeling of being isolated from the pack. If you provide a comfortable atmosphere, you can also prevent your dog from choosing the couch or your bed as place to sleep.   

Several places to sleep and a very happy dog

Several dog baskets and beds in different spots will ensure true happiness. You could, for example, put a snug dog couch into the living room so your dog can relax there while you are watching TV or reading a book. Another basket could be put into the kitchen so your dog can be close to you when you are cooking or having lunch, for example. It is advisable to put the basket for the night at a strategically convenient place, like the hallway or somewhere opposite the front door. This fits in with the dog's natural protectiveness because from the entrance area it can best keep an eye on his family. It is also important that the chosen place is not draughty and that your dog is not being bothered. On you find a wide range of pet supplies with which you can provide a comfortable place to sleep and rest for your faithful animal friend. The basket or bed should be large enough for the dog to stretch out and turn round. Many dogs like to sleep curled up but it should nevertheless have enough room to move. It is also important for both your and your animal´s health that dog basket, cushion and blanket are easy to clean. Washable and easy-care cushions and blankets ensure that your dog´s domain remains clean and free from pests, and also prevents unpleasant stenches. Because a nice and clean dog basket pleases both animal and human.          

An own quiet area is good for your dog

A nice bed or an elegant couch can be integrated into every flat or house. offers dog beds in different colour schemes so you can choose the one which suits your personal taste and the one of your dog best. Whereas design and colour are particularly important for master and mistress, the most important features of a well-equipped basket for a dog are the following:   
It should be:
  • A perfect refuge
  • A safe place to sleep
  • A quiet area for long naps
  • A familiar spot which gives a feeling of safety and security
  • A comfortable place to relax

You can also make possible short-term partings easier due to the fact that its own sleeping domain weighs heavily with your dog. If you go on a longer journey, for example, or if your dog has to be treated in hospital, you can simply provide your dog with its basket, blanket and cuddly cushion. The familiar odour will have a soothing effect on your dog and will make the time up to your reunion pass much faster.