Small animal supplies
2-Floor Rabbit Hutch with Removable Roof
76,85 €*

2-Floor Rabbit Hutch with Removable Roof

  61 x 127 x 118cm
  untreated pine-wood
  easy to clean

Guinea-Pig and Hamster Cage

  115 cm x 60 cm x 58 cm
  Spruce wood
  Perspex front
Guinea-Pig and Hamster Cage
61,95 €*

Small animal supplies  | Brands:  leopet® jago

Pet owner always want the best for their little friend so they don't let them go short. Therefore we offer you a great choice of rodent supplies that meet all needs of your little animal friends. It doesn't matter if you need equipment for a hamster, rabbit or any other rodent: in our online shop you find low-priced and high-quality products.

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Appropriate pet supplies for your little darlings

Not only dogs and cats but also smaller animals are part of the family. You as their owner want them to be sound and happy, of course.  We offer a wide selection of quality pet supplies in order to do something for your little ones' well-being. Our range of goods includes equipment for birds, rodents and reptiles.  
For the well-being of your feathered friends – small animal supplies for birds
Whoever decides to keep a bird as a pet will have loads of fun with it. After all, birds are alert little fellows: Humans do not only take them to their heart because of their cheerful twittering and their lively nature but also because birds enjoy human love and care. If you are patient and make time for it, you can teach birds a lot. You will, of course, need a few healthy treats as a reward. However, not only a correct diet will contribute to your bird´s well-being but also a near-natural environment. We therefore offer spacious aviaries and birdcages, which provide enough space for your feathered friends. They match the birds´ needs and are provided with water bowls and places to sit. Moreover, feeding bowls, toys and nibble sticks can be attached individually, so you can equip the cage according to your own ideas. After all, you are the one who knows best what your birds need. In order to make it easier to clean the cages, many models are equipped with a pull-out base. The designs range from traditional to modern ones so that you will find the matching cage for every type of furnishings. Of course, birds do not want to spend all day in their cage; they also want to fly through the room now and then. Therefore, you also find several detached seating accommodations, which you can spread around the room so that the bird does not have to stop for a rest on your furniture. Thanks to their simple design they fit into every room.

From open-air enclosure to terrarium – animal supplies for rodents and reptiles

Nowadays, it is not unusual any more to keep a snake or lizard as a pet. These animals have specific needs: The terrarium should be big enough for the animals to develop themselves. offers appropriate terrariums as well as the matching equipment so that you can create a near-natural environment. An appropriate terrarium should be provided with large ventilation shafts and well-isolated exterior walls so that your animals can feel at home. This way, you ensure good air circulation and air-conditioning, which is very important for snakes and lizards. Thanks to large sliding windows you can always keep an eye on your animals and the natural design of the terrarium matches any room. Although rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters are not as demanding as reptiles, they should also feel nice and comfortable in their cages. Therefore, you find a selection of rodent supplies, which will delight your little friends. With regard to rabbit supplies, we offer  large rabbit cages with enough room for playing, romping around and also resting. Whether pet villa or rabbit hutch on several parts – the cages can be used in- as well as outdoors. They are spacious and several levels can be connected with each other by ramps, which ensures sufficient movement for your little darlings. Thanks to large vision panels you can watch your small rodents and the removable roof ensures that you can always reach them without difficulty.  
The cages are made of raw wood and are suitable for several species:
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Chinchillas
  • Rats
  • Mice    
Our selection also includes stands with casters for the cages so you can put them anywhere you like in the house. There are also open-air enclosures which invite your four-legged friend to romp around and discover the world. Open-air enclosure can be installed at different places in the garden and enable your animals to graze in nature. The spacious enclosures consist of sturdy grilles; one of the elements is provided with a door. Enclosures are also provided with a net which can be stretched over them and protects your small animal friends from birds, dogs and cats. One part of the net also serves as shade tree, which protects the animals from too much heat. After use the enclosure can either be stored away as it is very space-saving or simply left outside. Due to the galvanised elements it is weatherproof and durable.
Make use of our great selection of small animal supplies and find the appropriate products for each and every one of your little darlings on

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