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It is not possible to imagine having a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig without a rodent cage. In combination with an outdoor enclosure or any other possibility for the rodent to move kind of freely, the cage provides a safe haven for the small animals. We offer different cages for your rodent for either indoor or outdoor usage in various sizes.
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A cage for small animals suitable for several breeds

Although rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other domestic animals are not the biggest ones, they have needs regarding freedom to move and fittings in their cages and enclosures. An appropriate cage can be refuge and feed lot at the same time and can be combined with other elements, like suitable enclosures, if possible.   

Cages for rabbits and guinea pigs

Rabbits are very active animals and would like to scurry around and run and double all day. Just a cage in which the animals can barely move is hardly appropriate. Our luxurious pet villa by Leopet with a length of two metres offers enough space for rabbits and guinea pigs to romp about. Ideally, the cage is combined with an enclosure to provide the animals with enough room to move. The cage should be equipped according to the rabbits' needs, the hay rack should always be filled and do not forget the bowls for feed and water. Toilet containers make it easier to clean the cage. Branches of non-poisonous trees and other utensils appropriate for rabbits, serve as toys. There should be at least two rabbits in one enclosure. Guinea pigs, the small rodents from Peru, are very popular pets for children. Although they are not the biggest ones, the cute animals are entitled to a near-natural environment. You can also use our luxurious pet villa by Leopet for this purpose. Especially in the summertime our little four-legged friends enjoy spending time outside where they can eat fresh grass and delicious herbs. Combine the pet villa with an enclosure for the guinea pigs so they can scout out their surroundings during the day and are put up safely at night-time. If you take certain precautions, guinea pigs can spend the whole year outside, like rabbits. The cage should be equipped near-naturally and offer the animals a safe shelter. Guinea pigs are timid flight animals and should definitely be provided with several refuges. In addition, guinea pigs, just like rabbits, need feed and drink bowls, hay racks and various toys to keep them occupied. Guinea pigs are very sociable and should not be kept alone but always in the company of other guinea pigs. If rabbits and guinea pigs are kept in the same cage, it often causes trouble. Therefore, you should provide each species with its own cage if you keep both of them. The open-air enclosure may be shared.     

Terrariums for hamsters, mini hamsters, gerbils, mice and reptiles

Apart from rabbits and guinea pigs there are, of course, other small domestic animals, like hamsters, mini hamsters and gerbils. These animals love digging, which is not possible in a common hamster cage with bars. Therefore, a terrarium or a rodent villa with a pane of Plexiglas is much more suitable for those nippy little creatures. Thus the animals can satisfy their natural needs and you can always keep an eye on them. Despite their small size, hamsters – whether golden or mini hamster – as well as gerbils need a certain amount of space to satisfy their urge to move and run around. A combination of several rodent villas or terrariums and aquariums is perfect to provide the animals with a varied and always interesting enclosure. The equipment has to be near-natural also for those animals; particularly important are exercise wheels. The running area and one side of the wheel have to be completely sealed and the wheel must be fastened at the closed side. It is also essential that the wheel is made of non-poisonous material, equipped with a good ball bearing and of the right size. Of course, they should also be provided with a feed bowl, a drinking bottle and toys appropriate for rodents. Cages filled with bedding are often quite heavy therefore we also offer stands equipped with casters with which you can move the cages from A to B without difficulties. A terrarium is, however, not only suitable for rodents but also for reptiles, amphibians and insects, which need a constant temperature in their domain. As it is the case with any pet, you should get enough information on how to keep the animal in an near-natural environment and equip the terrarium according to these conditions. Everything worth knowing about rodent cages at a glance:

Rabbit hutch for rabbits and guinea pigs with a lot of space
Rodent cage for animals like hamsters or gerbils
Terrariums for rodents or reptiles, amphibians and insects

The team of has designed a handy selection of various cages for several kinds of rodents and rabbits. Our terrariums are perfectly suitable for reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Have a look around our wide range of small animal cages and choose the appropriate one for your little friend.