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Many children would like to have a rabbit or a guinea pig. But also a lot of adults love the small animals and have a lot of fun playing with them. In doing so it is very important to provide a living environment which is nearly natural. So for example a rabbit cage with an attached outdoor enclosure. With this pet playpen the rabbit can move a lot and won't get bored.
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Near-natural environments for your four-legged friends

Rabbits and guinea pigs are very active animals and would like to scurry around and run and double all day. This is not possible in a standard rabbit hutch without space to move about. Our open-air enclosures, which can be individually combined with each other, give you the opportunity to expand your rabbits' and guinea pigs' radius of movement. Thus the active animals cannot only scout out there own hutch but also the surrounding environment. You can put up our rabbit hutch in- and outdoors and arrange it individually with different accessories so that your four-legged friends never get bored.   

Indoor enclosures

It is not possible in every household that rabbits and guinea pigs run around freely in the house all day. Indoor enclosures are a good alternative here to ensure that your animals have enough room to move without rearranging the whole fittings and furnishings to make them safe and secure for your little ones. The enclosure is combined with a rabbit hutch and with the help of the fencing elements you can close your animals' very own domain off from the rest of the house. This area should ideally be at least 4 m² for two rabbits and 2 to 3 m² for two guinea pigs but it can always be larger, of course. Due to the fact that you can always enlarge our convenient enclosure with further elements or even another hutch, you can individually divide off any part of the house for your little darlings you wish. The floor of the enclosure may be covered with PVC, laminate or washable carpets. Several rabbit supplies, like houses, tubes and toys, represent are a welcome change. Toilets and feeding bowls as well as always filled hay racks round off the fittings. You can also let your rabbits or guinea pigs run around outside in the garden for a while without difficulties. Just move the enclosure outside and attach the provided net so that they are protected from predators, like birds or cats, and to ensure they do not run away. The combination of netting and solid material makes sure that the net also offers effective protection from the sun. Nevertheless, you should choose a well-protected spot for the enclosure especially in the summertime. Before moving the enclosure outside, we recommend that you make the animals get used to the grass first and wait for warmer temperatures.   

Open-air enclosures

If you have the possibility of keeping your rabbits or guinea pigs outside during the warm months or even throughout the whole year, you can do so. You can also use our convenient enclosures for this purpose because it is very important that your animals have enough room to move, especially in the winter months. You can either use the enclosure as expansion of the rabbit hutch or as flexible room to move about in do that your rabbits or guinea pigs can enjoy fresh grass daily and the grass can grow back in other spots. The enclosure can also be used to expand a solid marten-secure enclosure during the day. It is especially near-natural when the animals can occupy the whole garden. Again you can use the fencing elements of our open-air enclosures to prevent your animals from running away or using parts of the garden, like the vegetable plot, they should not be in. No restrictions are placed on the size of the enclosure; just combine as many as you like to provide as much space as possible for your rabbits or guinea pigs. Expand your rabbits' living space little by little – your imagination knows no bounds.  
Open-air enclosures for rabbits or guinea pigs can also be turned into a pleasant near-natural environment. Because of environmental impact, it is best to use weatherproof equipment, like tubes and rabbit houses made of wood, stone and wickerwork. A pit filled with soil or sand will particularly please rabbits. The curious animals will be delighted about a variety of toys and fittings, which will keep them and their partners occupied. You have the possibility of watching your rabbits' or guinea pigs' natural behaviour.    

Open-air enclosures – the advantages at a glance

An open-air enclosure offers fantastic options for animals and humans:
  • Keeping animals in a near-natural environment
  • Individually usable in- and outdoors
  • Provided net as protection from sun and predators
  • can be combined and expanded offers a quality open-air enclosure made of silver galvanised fencing elements. Take a closer look at our products for small domestic animals and choose your favourite one.