The keeping and breeding of reptiles in a terrarium is a wide-spread hobby. Insects and reptiles lovers can buy terrariums and the appropriate equipment at our jago24.co.uk online shop. Check out how individually you can create the terrarium. Provide an environment as natural as possible to ensure your insects or reptiles feel comfortable. For any equipment also look at the aquarium shop.
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A near-natural biotope for inside

Insects, reptiles and other exotic animals have very specific needs when it comes to the equipment of their terrariums. Responsible owners provide a near-natural environment corresponding to their natural living conditions as much as possible. We offer terrariums in different sizes and, of course, also the matching  equipment. Before you purchase a terrarium, you should think about how much space you would like to make available for it first. It is important that a terrarium provides enough room for a refuge. Also note that you will need power and water supplies. Get more information on jago24.co.uk. Our shops for aquariums and terrariums give important tips on how to equip the various basins. You have the opportunity of giving your home an exotic touch with various basins and animals. Combine terrariums and aquariums and create special effects with marine and terrestrial animals. Please get enough information on which animals you are allowed to keep and which safety precautions you have to make beforehand.       

Different kinds of terrariums

The natural habits of its future inhabitant are decisive for choosing the appropriate equipment for the terrarium. Terrariums are, however, not always inhabited by animals; neither are they always modelled on water landscapes. There are pure plant aquariums and reproductions of desert landscapes.            
Some of the most popular types are:
Formicarium – glass jar to watch ants
Paludarium – a combination of aquarium and terrarium. Also called Aqua-Terrarium.
Insektarium – for keeping spiders and insects of all kind
Tropic terrarium – reproduction of a rainforest landscape
Desert aquarium – reproduction of a desert landscape
In addition, you should also be equipped with a quarantine terrarium where you can treat sick plants or animals. Thus the risk of infection for the other inhabitants of the terrarium is reduced. You can simply buy one of the common terrariums and turn it into a quarantine terrarium. Our shop on jago24.co.uk offers a wide selection of different kinds of basins. Some are made of glass so that one can watch the animals from all sides, others are made of a combination of wood and glass with just one transparent panel in the front. In any case, the basin has to be easily accessible so that you can clean it and feed and look after the animals without difficulties. Also purchase the necessary equipment to catch and move the animals, should the need arise. If the reptiles or insects you keep are poisonous, you also have to consider the topic of safety. The basins should be escape-proof and if you choose a large basin with glass doors, they have to be secured with a safe lock.

The terrarium shop helps you with the fittings

A terrarium is assembled in several different levels. When it comes to fittings, note that it's quality not quantity that counts. It is very important for the health of the inhabitants both plants and animals  that the basin is hygienic. Depending on the type of terrarium you have chosen, you can also plant it – particularly suitable are cactuses, bromeliads, orchids and aquatic plants. Get information about the natural habitat of those plants in order to create a suitable environment for them. If you do not want to keep only plants in your terrarium, you will also find the matching animals. Also take their natural habitat into consideration. Amphibians, reptiles, various sorts of small mammals but also insects, spiders and scorpions are suitable inhabitants for a decorative terrarium. Also note that some of those animals need live feed. If you choose one of those, make sure you have enough room to store their feed. The most significant difference between a terrarium and an aquarium is that the terrarium mainly consists of airspace. Even though one part of the basin is under water, you have to provide the animals with sufficient refuges and hiding places on walls and floor. Stones, natural roots and tropical wood are perfectly suited to create an appropriate environment for the animals. All objects should be sterilised in a sterilisation basin first to prevent disease transmission. If you want to make sure to create a near-natural environment and perfect weather conditions, it is advisable to install an automatic control for temperature, humidity and lighting. Thus you can simulate tropical rainfalls, day- and night-time and even the change of the seasons. Visit the terrarium shop on jago24.co.uk and get inspired.