Wire Fencing Roll 25m x 0.5m

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  • Galvanised wire fencing
  • 25m long, 0.5m tall
  • For aviaries or cages
  • Three mesh sizes available
  • Maintenance-free and durable

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Contents Included

Wire Fencing for your garden or aviary

A cost saving alternative to regular garden fencing

A galvanised wire fence is a durable and inexpensive way to fence off a plot of land. This practical chicken wire garden fencing is quick and easy to install and is both maintenance free and durable.

Fine mesh for pets of all sizes

Jago24 offers several different sizes of mesh fencing. The finest mesh sizes are ideal for small birds and rodents, whilst the larger meshes can be used to keep everything from chickens to dogs, letting you create a safe and secure enclosure for pets of every shape and size.

Installation advice

It is important to note that as temperatures approach freezing point, there is a risk that rainwater and ground water may freeze, expand and damage the posts and the foundations of any fence. To avoid this, when concreting your fence, the posts should be embedded in a moisture-permeable layer, such as gravel, in order to allow water to drain out of the post.

  • Maintenance-free and durable
  • For property or  pet supplies
  • Delivered in rolls


Technical Information
  • Length: 25 m
  • Height: 0.5 m
  • Material: Galvanised wire
  • Grid mesh size:
    • 13 x 13 mm (0.7mm wire diameter)
    • 25 x 25 mm (0.7mm wire diameter)
    • 50 x 50 mm (1.1mm wire diameter)
Contents Included

  • 1 x Roll of Wire Fencing (25m x 0.5m) in your choice of mesh size

Note: Parrot, lizard, rabbit, garden shears and grapes are not included.
Art.No.: MSDRT01-0.5X25M-13