20kg Dumbbell Set

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  • l/Ø: ca. 45/2.5 cm
  • grip (l): ca. 11 cm
  • weight: ca. 20 kg
  • 2 x spinlock collars with rubber ring
  • weight plates: 2 x ca. 1.25 kg, 2 x ca. 2.5 kg, 2 x ca. 5 kg
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Lift your way

This Physionics Dumbbell Set lets you work out in the comfort of your own home. Going to a gym soaks up time and money, and gyms are often crowded and noisy, meaning your workout takes longer and is less effective. Working out at home using professional gym equipment lets you take control of your workout and get the best results possible.

Professional equipment for professional results

This 20kg Dumbbell Set from Physionics is made to exacting standards, and with six varied plates it lets you tailor your lift to your needs, whether you want plenty of reps at a lower weight, or to go all-out with the heaviest weights for a blast workout. A secure knurled handle helps you to keep a tight hold on the free weight, whilst spinlock collars keep your plates safely attached to the bar.

  • dumbbel set made of cast iron, 20 kilos
  • targeted muscle building through effective weight training  
  • chromed and knurled bar made of steel
  • non-slip grips (grooved surface)
  • 6 weight plates - 2x1,25, 2x2,5 and 2x5 kg
  • 2 spinlock collars with rubber ring
Technical Information
  • dimensions of the dumbbell bar (l/Ø): ca. 45/2.5 cm
  • grip (l): ca. 11 cm
  • weight of dumbbell bar: ca. 2 kg
  • weight disc 1 (Ø with weight): each ca. 12.5 cm with ca. 1.25 kg
  • weight disc 2 (Ø with weight): each ca. 15.5 cm with ca. 2.50 kg
  • weight disc 3 (Ø with weight): each ca. 21.5 cm with ca. 5 kg
  • weight disc fixing: ca. 15 cm each
  • total weight: ca. 20 kg
  • material: steel, cast iron
Contents Included

  • 1x dumbbell set 20 kg  GHSTA02 (to chose with or without logo) consisting of:
    • 1 x dumbbell bar with 2 spinlock collars with rubber ring
    • 2 x 1.25 kg weight disc
    • 2 x 2.50 kg  weight disc
    • 2 x 5.00 kg  weight disc
Art.No.: GHSTA02/A