Resistance Band with choice of strength

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  • Varying strengths
  • Full body workout
  • Complete set
  • Trains your muscles, balance and agility
  • Includes free figure-of-eight band
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Contents Included

Workout on the go

Finding the time to exercise before you head out for work can be a challenge, and after a busy day most people want to relax, not work up a sweat. Heading to the gym can be tiring and frustrating, draining both your free time and wallet.
Working out at home is a convenient and inexpensive alternative, and lets you take control of your workout regime. The Physionics resistance band set lets you create a comprehensive workout that takes no time at all, wherever you are. The resistance bands and accessories included in the set are practical, effective, and easy to use.

How to use a resistance band

The resistance band is a fantastic way to get fit quickly, however busy your schedule. Simply use a door or another stable frame to secure the sling, and then pull against the tensile force to work your muscles. Even without a door, you can simply trap one end of the resistance band under your foot and secure it that way, whilst the figure-of-eight resistance band can be used anywhere. These effective training methods don't need much room or equipment and so are perfect for those with busy lifestyles!

A workout for everyone

Novices and experts alike can use resistance bands to achieve amazing results. The resistance band set is a convenient and effective piece of equipment, and is compact for easy transport and storage. Take your pick from the various colour coded resistance bands, each tailored to a different strength level, starting with the lightest yellow (4.5 kg) through to the heaviest black (13.6 kg). Get fit even on the busiest of days!
  • Quick workout for a busy schedule
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple exercises for any ability
  • Build muscles without a gym
Technical Information
  • Band length
    • 120cm
  • Material
    • Latex
    • Nylon
    • Metal
  • Tensile force:
    • Yellow: 4.5kg
    • Red: 6.8kg
    • Blue: 9.1kg
    • Green: 11.3kg
    • Black: 13.6kg
Contents Included
  • 1 x Resistance Band in your chosen colour/strength, plus
    • 1 x Door mount
    • 2 x Foot loop
    • 2 x Hand loops
    • 1 x Figure-of-eight resistance band
Art.No.: SLTN02 10lbs