Weight Plate Set 5 kg

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  • Ø/H: ca. 26/4.8 cm
  • 4 weights
  • Ø hole: ca. 28 mm
  • Sand, concrete, plastic
  • Colour: black

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Contents Included

Weight plates for beginners and pro

Weight training is one of the most efficient forms of strength training and is extremely valuable exercise for your health and fitness. Training with dumbbells strengthens your musculature significantly, giving you health and aesthetic benefits. Body fat can be reduced far more efficiently with proper weight training than with many other common sports. The plastic casing prevents annoying clinking or damage to your floor. 5 kg per weight
Technical Information
  • Dimensions (Ø/H): ca. 26/4.8 cm
  • Hole (Ø): ca. 28 mm
  • Weight: ca. 5 kg each
  • Material: sand, concrete, plastic
  • Colour: Black
Contents Included

  • 4 x weight disc HSTA17 each ca. 5 kg
Art.No.: HSTA17-SET1