PC500-Ultimate Poker Case

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  • Chip weight about 12 g
  • case58cm x 24cm x 7.5cm
  • Weight: about 7.3kg
  • aluminium case
  • poker set

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Contents Included
Play poker, baccarat or even blackjack where ever you would like.

With this quality aluminium case, you'll always have your set with.

Great for professionals and amateurs!!

Set Includes 500 quality Poker Chips

Each chip weighs about 12 grams

Several different games of Poker are possible

2 Playing Cards Decks


Several Dice

Lockable Aluminium Case

Technical Information

Each Chip weight: about 12 grams

Total Dimensions of Case: about 58cm x 24cm x 7.5cm Depth

Weight: about 7.3kg

Contents Included

Poker Set w/ Aluminium Case (PC500-Ultimate)

500 Poker Chips

2x Playing Cards Decks

5x Playing Dice

1x Dealer button

500 Laser Chips:

150 Grey Chips (Value: 1)

100 Red Chips (Value: 5)

50 Green Chips (Value:25)

100 Blue Chips (Value: 50)

50 Black Chips (Value: 100)

25 Violet Chips (Value: 500)

25 Yellow Chips (Value: 1,000)

Art.No.: PC500-Ultimate