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Everyone would like to keep themselves fit and healthy but stressful daily routines, expensive membership fees, and gyms that are far from home can combine to make it difficult to stay fit. Fortunately, with Jago24 sports equipment you can work out at home, meaning you can train your abs in front of the TV or take up boxing in the basement. Whatever your preferred fitness training, you will find the right gear for you in our wide range of sports equipment. Browse through our Sports and Leisure section today!

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Many of us spend the whole day of work sat down, and to counterbalance this lifestyle we take up sport and fitness training in order to stay in healthy and in shape. Gyms are not always the best solution, and it can be hard to fit gym membership around your busy lifestyle, so for many people the best option is to build your own home gym by purchasing your own fitness and sports equipment. The Jago24 Sports and Leisure online shop offers a great selection of high quality sports equipment.

Our Sports and Leisure range includes products such as:

  • Abs trainer

  • Fitness station

  • Back trainer

  • Fitness step

  • Punch bag

  • Fitness equipment



You don't need a personal trainer to get great abs or a six pack. Our ab trainer products offer great results, and a wide choice of models for every need can be found in the Jago24 Sports & Leisure catalogue. Our smallest model is a frame specially designed to support you as you do sit-ups, curved at a 90° angle in the centre and with a headrest and two handles for stability and comfort. By lying on the frame to do your sit-ups, this Abdominal Roller supports your movements by relaxing your neck and spine, enabling crunches in a variety of positions. The support the Abdominal Roller offers makes it a perfect choice for beginners who are not yet able to do many sit-ups unaided. The frame is light, easy to store and a great introduction to home fitness training. A sit-up bench can be used by beginners and advanced athletes alike, with beginners able to take the first steps towards their fitness goals whilst the more advanced users can meet increasingly high objectives with ease. The wide range of free-weights on offer at Jago24 is suitable for people at every experience level, whilst one of our durable swinging punch bags, made of tear-proof leather and attached to the ceiling by a sturdy steel chain, can turn your basement into a real fitness studio.



Our Sports and Leisure category also contains a great deal of sports equipment for outdoor activities. Whether you prefer biking, boating, and campign, or poker, music, and photograph, you will find everything you need for your hobby at Jago24. Take a look through our huge range of sports and leisure products - you might even be inspired to take up a new hobby! Whatever the season, whatever the weather, you can be sure to find the right equipment for you at Jago24, including:

  • Dinghies and Boat Motors

  • Bicycles and trailers

  • Bags and Suitcases

  • Photography Equipment

  • Foosball Tables

  • Tents & Camping Accessories