30 kg Dumbbell Set
27,95 €*

30 kg Dumbbell Set

  dumbbell bar (l/Ø): ca. 49/2.5 cm
  grip area: ca. 14.5 cm
  weight: ca. 30 kg

Barbell Set + Exercise Bench

  L/W/H: ca. 49-127/41/130 cm
  Inc. barbell + weights
  Barbell bar chrome
Barbell Set + Exercise Bench
75,95 €*

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For many people it is important to keep themselves fit and healthy for as long as possible. Our sports equipment enables you to train at home. In our well-resourced online shop you can buy various sports equipment like abs trainer, back trainer, fitness step or a whole home gym to achieve your fitness goals.
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Being fit up until old age – something many people wish for themselves. Still many people don't have the time or are just too lazy to do sports. Diseases of modern society like, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases are increasing. Furthermore our body has to cope with stress, unhealthy food, and too much alcohol. Nevertheless every person is the architect of their own future and it is your decision whether to sit in front of your computer or workout in your free time. Many working people do not go to the gym, because the time lost in getting there discourages them.  In addition to that many people feel uncomfortable among numerous athletes in the gym and the constant supervision of a trainer. Why not just workout at home, with your own fitness equipment? The fitness shop offers a great choice of different kinds of fitness equipment. It doesn't matter if you would like to do yoga with a DVD, fitness training, or boxing – jago24 has the right equipment for you.
  • You will find the following products in our online shop:
  • Fitness Stations
  • Weight Benches, Dumbbells & Barbells
  • Abs & Lower Back Trainer
  • Exercise Mats
  • Fitness Steps
  • Punch Bags fitness equipment – good quality at a low price

Whomever likes to perform a wide range of exercises, would be best suited for a home gym. Although plenty of space for those home gyms are needed, you can train your entire body with them. Perform up to 30 different exercises with that kind of equipment, and you don't have more possibilities when going to a real gym. The home gym has a butterfly module, a lat bar and a curl bar, a leg curl, a weight-lifting bench and a metal step plate to do curls in a standing position. Furthermore you have the possibility to workout with the nine 4.5 kilo weights included in delivery. By using your home gym regularly, you will soon see good results.

Muscle building with dumbbells

Some men like to work a specific muscle group. They will appreciate the great variety of weight benches they can find at  In addition to wide range of training possibilities like the fitness station, weight benches can be used for numerous workouts and also offer shelves where dumbbells & barbells can be stored.
Barbells and dumbbell sets are available at a  low price in our online shop.

Fitness equipment for women

Most  women especially want to train their stomach muscles and lower back. They don't need all the fitness equipment men love such as butterfly machines or bench presses. So a small practical abs trainer is just perfect because it doesn't need a lot of space for storage and can be used while watching TV. offers two different models, which of course can also be used by men.

Abs workout with special fitness equipment

One possibility to train your abs is to use an abs fitness bench. On the upholstered bench you fix your legs or feet in a special holder in order to keep balance while doing the sit-ups. Take care that you are using the strength of your stomach muscles to sit-up, otherwise your back and neck will start hurting after a while. Small movements with a high repetition rate strengthen your lower muscles.

Combine abs and back workout

Vary your abs workout and lie upside down on the bench. Use the leg holder as hand grips and lift and lower your legs. This also trains your abs.  For a special back training we recommend the Roman chair from Physionics. With this lower back trainer you will not lie on a bench but stand in a solid metal frame and lean against an upholstered lumbar pillow.  By bending your upper body to the front you get a similar effect to the one from doing sit-ups. However, in this case the lower back muscles are trained more. Lift your arms or place your hands behind your head for an additional training effect. A great side effect is that those workouts also provide a sexy bottom. Also turn to the side so your lateral muscles are also worked which helps toward a narrow waist. This fold-able abs and bottom trainer can be used by persons weighing up to 265 lbs (120 kg). Yoga and Pilates are also great ways to workout and relax. The Indian kinematics yoga combines mental training with physical exertion to bring you enlightenment. In western countries people mainly focus on the physical part of yoga. They train strength & agility which leads to relaxation. Joseph Hubert Pilates also knew yoga. He developed a soft sport to train stomach, back and pelvic base. For both sports you need a non-slip exercise mat. You will find the perfect exercise mat in our fitness equipment online shop at Buy now and keep fit a lifetime.

Who for once just wants to sweat, will find what they are looking for at Continually complete small races on the height adjustable fitness step or let off some steam on the tear-proof punch bag. Shop from the comfort of your sofa in our online shop Here you will find the suitable fitness equipment for your home gym needs. Then the workouts can begin! Whomever is just starting off training should also regularly monitor their weight with the use of a personal body-analysis weight scale