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By using the fitness step in the gym you simulate climbing stairs and therefore train your gluteal muscles. For the ones that prefer working out at home we have the perfect aerobic fitness step. Just put on some great music and your living room will become your own little gym. Different fitness steps can be adjusted to different requirements and so both beginners and advanced people can use the same fitness step.
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Fitness step: A classic among fitness equipment

Movement and exercises are important for the well-being. But you only get in shape with the right fitness equipment. Some people are shedding their pounds and others are putting the final touches to their shape. And when you once started working out it will be a lot of fun to continue and see great results. And of course in addition to having fun, doing sports is very good for your health. Evidentially regular exercises can prevent diseases like Alzheimers's disease and are good for your cardiac cycle. Many people enjoy working out even more when they are listening to music while they do sports. And so it is not really surprising that a special kind of sport, starting in the 70's, went around the world: Aerobic. Aerobic is rhythmic motion to great music. It is a mixture of dancing and gymnastics. A real classic among different kinds of Aerobic is step aerobic.

Climbing the stairs on a fitness step is strengthening your muscles.

It doesn't matter what kind of fitness step you are using to work out, they are all simulating climbing the stairs. This is the basic element of this exercise. But why should you do the annoying stair climbing in your leisure time? Because this exercise trains your thighs and bottom in the most effective way. Your muscles get strengthened and toned. This will lead to you having a fit and well-toned appearance. At the same time step aerobic also trains you cardiac cycle system and it is a great cardio training. Just like jogging and riding a bike, this regular movement also trains your endurance. The calorie consumption increases, the heart pumps more blood into the stressed muscles and your lungs are also trained. Overall exercises with a fitness step are a balanced training which tones your muscles and improves your endurance.

Aerobic and choreographies on the fitness step

In our Jago24 online shop you can find different kinds of step boards and fitness steps. They are made of solid plastic and simulate a stair tread which has to be built up before you start your workout. The board is height-adjustable and can therefore be used by small and large people. The fitness step can be used in various ways at home or in a aerobic class. Movements onto the step board and down again, as well as steps over it and turns can be combined to one choreography. Advanced stepper can adjust the board higher and step up and down very fast to have an intensive training. When you are a beginner you can of course start slower. You can also do other workouts with a fitness step. So you can for example lay on the step board and do workouts for your abs, your back or your arms. Your stretching at the end of the workout can also easily be done with the fitness step.

Gadgets for climbing the stairs: fitness step and mini fitness step

The principle of climbing stairs as a kind of movement also plays an important role in the workouts with other fitness equipments. You find a fitness step in every gym. Those consist of two boards which you have to press down with your feet. So you get an authentic feeling of climbing stairs. Different to the standard step board you don't have to take a step back to climb the stairs again, you just step on and on. Normally those high-tech fitness steps are to big for an apartment. But of course there is a solution to that problem: the mini fitness step. This gadget only needs little space in your apartment and is therefore very practical. The boards are smaller and closer together. But still it works just like the big fitness step. Both versions also can be adjusted to the training level of each individual person. Advanced fitness step fans can either stay longer on the gadget or increase the level of difficulty. Working out with a fitness step is a great way to keep in shape. Find the perfect fitness step or step board in our online shop. offers different kinds of stepping equipment. So browse through our portfolio and start working out.

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