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Athletes use barbells for strength training, improvement in performance and muscle building. In order that muscle building should be effective barbells are better that dumbbells because you can lift heavier weights with them. Most of the basic exercises contain training with a barbell. In our shop you find a great choice of barbells.
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The right equipment for building up muscles and weight training

Bodybuilding is a very popular sport with the goal to get a body of iron with good looking muscles. The mind should rule over the body in order to keep pushing to the limit. The way to a perfect body is easy: working out and eat right and healthy. The main focus of doing sport is to build up specific muscle groups with weight training. When you want to be successful with this training, you have to buy a barbell. Browse through our online shop and find the barbell which best suits your requirements. You can involve your whole body in a training with barbells. Our shop offers a great variety of different barbells. The barbell bar has a length of 65 in (165 cm) and is made of high-quality steel. Two slip-proof handles ensure that you can hold the bars perfectly. In order to guarantee highest security standards, special clasps top the barbells of. We have different weights from 1,1 lbs (0,5 kg) to 110 lbs (50 kg). So you can have an individual workout.

Barbell Curls

Besides normal dumbbells and barbells we also offer special barbell curls. Working out with the barbell curl set in general works just like training with a normal barbell set. The special shape of this bar spares the wrist during your workout and dissipates tension in your shoulder and neck. Normally the length of a barbell curl is 47 in(120 cm). The clasps are identically equal to the ones at a normal barbell. The barbell curl also has two slip-proof handles.

Exercises to build up muscles

By using the barbell curl you train your whole body. Here you can see a small selection of different exercises you can do. In brackets you see which areas are trained:

  • Lifting calves (legs)

  • Bench press (chest)

  • barbell rowing (back)

  • neck press (shoulders)

Browse through our fitness shop and find the right barbell or barbell curl for your workout at home.