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It is a fact that balanced toning exercises are beneficial to the health. But many people just don't have the time to go to the gym several times a week. Fortunately you can also train with dumbbells and other sports equipment at home. At jago24.co.uk online shop you find everything you need to do your toning exercises at home.
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The dumbbell and its various uses

The workout with dumbbells is one of the most efficient kind of athletic sports. When done regularly, this workout will strengthen your whole locomotor system. Weak muscles can lied to various afflictions and diseases. This is the case because nowadays people work less physically and therefore train their muscles less. So workouts with dumbbells help building up those muscles. The result is a better posture. And the muscles can fulfil their tasks again and support the human locomotor system. When you decide to care more about your body and your health and when you want to start working out at home, you will sure find the perfect dumbbells and equipment for you in our jago24.co.uk online shop. But before you buy the dumbbells, you should set your goals. Because the weight of your dumbbells and the equipment needed, depends on the goals your are setting yourself. When your health and being fit in general is important for you, working out two or three times a week with light dumbbells should be enough. When you want to build up your muscles consistently, you should work out more often and increase the weight of your dumbbells continually. In general the following rules are considered to be important when training with dumbbells: when you want to build up muscles you have to work out regularly, do about 10 repetitions and increase the weights from time to time. To keep fit and lose weight, you should use lighter dumbbells and do more repetitions. In our online shop you find different kinds of dumbbells with the appropriate equipment. Our portfolio offers equipment for every kind of athlete and training.

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Be sure you warm up before exercising. When you're having a treadmill or a cross trainer, use one of those to warm up your muscles at least 5 minutes. Without such an equipment you can just do some gymnastics. Warming up prevents any injuries caused by dumbbell training. So don't forget that. A constantly increasing fitness, a better shape and a healthy posture will be the present you are making yourself.

Strength training – things beginners should keep an eye on

When you are training with a dumbbell bar and weights for the first time, you should train your whole body. So your are learning a training basis which you can use over and over again. This training is also called compound exercise which means that each workout trains various muscle groups all at once. Squats are one of the most popular compound exercises you can do with a dumbbell. With this exercise you are training your knee joint, hip joint, ankle and your whole leg and back muscles. When you are having some muscle groups that are very week you can add some single exercises to your whole body workout. With dumbbells you can do special workouts for arm and pectoral muscles. Start with small exercises. The dumbbell exercises should not overstrain your muscles. Beginners should start with a complete dumbbell set. This contains a dumbbell bar, weights and equipment to put those things together. You can buy low-priced dumbbells at jago24.co.uk online shop.

Special fitness possibilities with dumbbells

Dumbbells are great in supporting building up muscles. Furthermore you also train hidden muscles with by using dumbbells. With dumbbells you can also improve your condition and support your cardiovascular system. The most popular exercises are side lateral raises, curls, flys and shoulder shrugs. Training your biceps and forearm muscle is also possible. Order your dumbbells now at jago24.co.uk and start working out at home.