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Exercise balls are a popular piece of exercise equipment, suitable for users of all ages and experience levels. We offer a range of sizes and stylish colours, available to order online from the Jago24.co.uk online Fitness Shop.
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Fitness balls – the perfect trainer for sport and leisure

Not only is the gym ball available in several colours, but in various sizes as well. For proper exercising and health benefits, it is of importance that the size of the ball suits your height. There is a wide range of workouts as well as areas of application.

The gym ball – a back-friendly alternative to office chairs

The versatility of this elastic ball is impressive as it does not only help during exercises. Since it is very important to maintain body balance, a gym ball can be used as a comfortable and back-friendly seat at any desk. A fitness ball from our shop can definitely help relieving your back. It reduces back pain from long sitting, or lets the ache even disappear completely. In many offices, it has become very popular to use the gym ball as a substitute for swivel chairs. Yet not every office supports the idea of using a fitness ball since safety experts see an increased risk of accidents due to improper use. Nevertheless, replacing a sitting ball with an office chair is a great option at home. It strengthens the back, improves the body balance and is, in addition to that, recommended by doctors and health insurers.
However, a little practice is required before the fitness ball can be used instead of office chairs.  Generally, positive effects can be noticed quite soon. If you would like to convince yourself of a back-friendly sitting, you should think of purchasing a suitable gym ball.

A size guideline:

Height - arm length - ball size

140 cm – 45-55 cm – 45 cm
up to 155 cm – 56-65 cm – 55 cm
up to 175 cm – 66-80 cm – 65 cm
up to 185 cm – 81-90 cm – 75 cm
from 190 cm – 91-100 cm – 85 cm

More options for using our fitness ball

This elastic synthetic ball, used for exercising and sitting, can serve as a facility during birthing processes as well. In this case, the pregnant woman is sitting on the ball while her partner helps strengthening her back. This sitting posture accelerates and eases the baby's delivery. During prenatal classes the midwife not only explains how to utilise the ball properly, but also shows the mum-to-be how to relax properly. But be careful: A pregnant woman should never use the fitness ball by herself as it has to be prevented from rolling away.
A further possibility is to use it as a gym ball in schools or during leisure activities, which makes the fitness ball extremely versatile for any kinds of sports, and even for various training sessions in fitness centres. Furthermore, the fitness ball has become an inevitable equipment for the popular elephant football due to its size and elastic material.