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An abs trainer offers great possibilities to train and strengthen one of the most important group of muscles of our body. The abdominal muscles are very important for fitness and health. Due to wealth of variants of an abs trainer, you can do many different exercises with it. When you have that kind of sports equipment at home you can always work out when you have time. By doing this regularly you will get a real six-pack.
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Abs trainer for a flat stomach and a healthy back

With an abs trainer you can really get yourself into shape. It is specially designed for the muscles in the midsection of your body. The right abs training is essential for our fitness. But remember, it is not all about getting a six-pack. Of course it is nice to show off a great and flat stomach, which is appreciated by men and women alike. However, abs are also important for our health. They are involved in almost every movement and have central muscular-skeletal function. So you need abs, for example, for having a healthy back. When you are training your trunk musculature, you should also do some exercises for your lower back. Your back muscles in cooperation with your stomach muscles are a very important muscular-skeletal factor. Well trained abs and back muscles also support a great posture and help you to reach your peak performance in sports. Abs are also important when you are doing endurance sports like running. Therefore also endurance athletes should train their abs.

Abs – a  little anatomy

Abdominal muscles are the skeletal muscles of the abdominal wall. You have a lower and an upper muscle group. The upper abs are divided into lateral and middle muscles. There are special exercises which train especially those muscle groups. The middle front abs are very important for your posture. They bend the upper body or raise the pelvis. Those straight abs counter for example a hollow back when trained well. The lateral abs on the other hand make sure your upper body can lean sideways. Therefore training your abs is important for the following:
Supporting proper posture and alignment of your spine
a healthy back
a flat stomach
general fitness

Which abs training leads to great results?

Abs and lower back muscles are stability muscles, and by that they differentiate from all other muscles in the human body. Muscles which stabilize your skeleton need to be trained in a special way. There are three important rules: Slow workouts, regular & varied training. Abs workout should be done slow because they mainly consist of slow twitching fibres. Fast and galvanic movements are therefore not good for training your abs. And you should do workouts for your abs regularly as endurance and not strength is required. Therefore a daily training with lots of repetitions is recommendable. Doing a varied training means stimulating different muscle groups. That means lower and upper muscles, lateral muscles and also the lower back muscles. Each one of those muscles has to be trained with a special exercise. This means normal sit-ups just strengthen one type of  abdominal muscle. If you want to do it right, do them in different variations to train your abs perfectly.  Our abs trainer is very practical because it can be used in many different ways and so ensures a variety of workouts for your abs.

Physionics abs and back trainer

Jago24 offers a wide range of products from Physionics to train your abs effectively. Among our offers is a special abs trainer with a headrest and frame. One uses this equipment while lying on the ground. The workout with this abs trainer is similar to normal sit-ups however your neck is supported during training and different ab muscles can be trained depending on how you position yourself on the abs trainer. People often take their strength from their neck when the abs get weaker, but this trainer prevents this behaviour. So you can concentrate on the training. In most gyms you can find such an abs trainer. Do your workouts at home! Jago24.co.uk also offers the Physionics incline bench which provides a great variety of possibilities to train your abs and lower back. They can be adjusted and therefore adapted to different body sizes. So the whole family can use the incline bench and do their sit-ups on it. Browse through jago24.co.uk and find the right equipment to train your abs at home.