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More and more people want to keep fit and live healthy. Therefore experts recommend a daily work out of half an hour. So you can either go to the gym and attend in a for example a yoga course or you work out at home. In this case it can be recommended to take a slip-resistant exercise mat. Our fitness shop offers a great choice of yoga mats.
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Stay slim and healthy with the right fitness mat

Sports physicians and nutrition experts recommend a 30 minutes workout every day to stay healthy and slim. Doing sports on a regular basis you keep your body smooth, agile and healthy. Diseases of civilisation like high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, heart diseases and angiopathy are partly caused by a lack of exercise. In order to prevent such diseases it is very importance to exercise regularly. So you can either go to the gym, become a member in a sports club or do your workout at home. When you decide to workout at home and do some of the traditional exercises you need a good fitness mat.

In our online shop you can find various fitness mats which can be used for different trainings.

Yoga mats for your fitness training

We owe the gymnastics to the old Greeks: the art of physical exercises. They emulated the ideal of having a healthy body and spirit. The especially trained long jump, javelin throw, discus throwing, wrestling and running. In the belief of the old Greeks the Gods Heracles and Hermes hold a protecting hand over sportspeople. Today gymnastics are more seen as dynamic training which is practised at one point to train many different body parts. Aerobic is one kind of special gymnastic training. The combination gymnastic and dancing is practised to quick music and guarantees workout and fun all in one. The coach shows his students a fix choreography and they try to copy it at the same time. Doing aerobic on a regular basis you can improve your stamina and coordination. The American doctor Kenneth H. Cooper invented aerobic to strengthen the heart and lungs of his patients. And he had success. His idea led to an aerobic boom in the USA with the very popular icon

Jane Fonda. She produced a lot of videos in which she danced her aerobic choreographies to motivate and encourage her fans to peak. Around 1900 people noticed that a too heavy training can be bad for the joints. The modern aerobic training which is practised in gyms and on DVD's today places a lot of value on sports scientific aspects.

Fitness mats for Yoga and Pilates

A bit more relaxing but not less exhausting are the gymnastic versions Yoga and Pilates. Both combine fitness with relaxation and a regular breathing. Yoga is an indian doctrine with a philosophical character which was already mentioned in historic writings 700 before Christ. Yoga connects physical exercises with mental exercises to ease meditation. In the western world the physical yoga exercises are more popular and common that the mental ones because they bring in line body and mind. Physical exercises and relaxing phases are in a constant change. Therefore you need a good yoga mat to do your yoga exercises. It should be comfortable and slip-resistant. You find many different variations of fitness mats in our fitness shop. By practising yoga regularly you improve your flexibility, stamina and power. Yoga training leads to more serenity and people getting more relaxed through their days. There are different kinds of Yoga and also a special power yoga where the movement is much faster than in a normal yoga class. As part of the yoga boom the training method Pilates also got more attention. Pilates is especially training the abdominal muscle, the back and the pelvic base. This supports a great posture. In addition to that you also prevent back pain. The gymnast and diver Joseph Pilates was a colourful figure. He worked as circus performer, boxer and also trained the policemen of Scotland Yard self-defence. As a young guy already he suffered from asthma and rheumatic fever. So he started to grapple with his body and learned yoga and zen meditation. He focused on the training of the less trained muscles which require many small repetitions. Therefore the body middle has to be tensed up. It is called the powerhouse. And Pilates students also appreciate the yoga mats in order to do the exercises safely. In our shop you find different kinds of sport mats and gymnastic mats for all exercises you want to do.

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