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A pull up bar is a very effective kind of sports equipment which can be used in many different ways. The buying decision is influenced by the mounting options and the maximum capacity. You can either fix it at the wall, the ceiling or the door. Pull up bars can also be extended in many different ways so everybody can adjust it to his or her individual needs.
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Pull-Up Bar: Train Various Muscle Groups By Using Your Own Weight

The fitness hype is no longer stoppable with the increasing health-awareness nowadays.
A chin-up bar is a suitable fitness equipment if one wants to tone their body and build up certain groups of muscles. There is no need to go to the fitness studio in order to do special exercises on the  bar. Quality fitness equipment can be set up at home whenever you would like to train. Pull-up bars are wall mounted and can be conveniently attached to walls, under the ceiling, or be used as door bars. Chin-up bars offer a maximum of capacity. Exercise properly and decide on buying a pull-up bar which helps strengthening the chest and leg muscles. Usually, fitness stations require the ability to move freely and can only be used where there is enough space. However, a chin-up bar can be fastened wherever there are mounting possibilities. It is not necessary to go without any extras even if one wants to train on the door bar at home. High-quality door bars offer the possibility to a varying muscle training through additional mountings, weights and weight cuffs. Pull-up bars and door frames do not exclude each other; nevertheless, a wall mounting may prove itself as a reliable method to use the maximum capacity of a chin-up bar.

Tone Your Body With Chin-Ups

Chin-ups are trained in various forms of sports and no matter if one likes doing conventional sports, martial arts or a completely different kind of sport – this exercise trains many muscle groups on the entire body.
Before deciding on a pull-up bar for home use, it is necessary to check the best way for mounting it. In order to exercise properly, a certain amount of space as well as the height of the door is very important. A standard answer concerning an individually fitting/matching bar is not possible. However, one does need to respect certain principles which should influence the purchase. A safe chin-up bar always has to have an adequate loading capacitiy. Experts demand for a loading capacity of at least 150 kg/330.7 lbs in order to ensure safe training. Furthermore, the purchase should depend on the quality of the mountings which must have a high load capacity. Door bars are in high demand as they prove to be space-saving. However, mounting a pull-up bar on ceilings or walls provides even more value due to its generous space offered while exercising. A high-quality chin-up bar consists of robust steel and can be loaded with a maximum weight of 300 kg/661.4 lbs. A standard diameter of 3cm/1.18 in provides high loading capacities, and the adjustable bar can expand its range of use.

Pull-Up Bars – Effective And Easy To Use

Decide on a telescopic system which allows to adjust the chin-up bar to its maximum and to mount it at/to wider doors. Special grip pads ensure a secure hold and are preventing from slipping off due to wet hands. During non-use it is possible to dismantle the bar in just a few steps and easily store it anywhere. In case it is not necessary to dismantle it after use, a wall or ceiling-mounting is a perfect solution for robust chin-up bars.
Decide on this item as screws and washers for a safe installation are provided. A ceiling mounting requires a solid ceiling in order to ensure safety while training. The bar should be easily reachable with outstretched arms; this is the only way to do the exercises appropiately.

Order Quality Pull-Up Bars At Jago24.co.uk

At our online shop, one will we able to find pull-up bars for wall mounting, which with a robust tubular steel construction. This practical fitness equipment is perfect for beginners as well as advanced users. The maximum capacity of 350 kg / 661.4 lbs ensures a safe use.
Besides an easy assembly, rubber-foam coated handles are one of many advantages of this chin-up bar version, as well. The versatile pull-up bars with punchbags provide a great variety of training possibilities at home. This combination even offers a high strain for advanced users through a robust steel-tube construction. The removable punchbag made of durable PU-leather is tear-proof, and stable fabric straps ensure security during the training.

Pull-up Bars With Several Training Possibilities

Our pull-up bars offer several exercising options and if one decides on doing chin-ups, the best possibility for effectively training various muscle groups, is provided. One can freely decide if the body is trained with it's own weight or additional weights in order to increase effectivity. Special arm slings allow the so called leg-lifting, in order to strengthen the leg muscles. One can step-by-step enhance the training intensity by additional weights or a weight vest. The wall mounting of this alternative depends on the loading capacity of the mounting materials, as well as its base. One's individual requirements for a fitness bar for home use are determinant for the choice of chin-up bars and its mounting possibilities. Besides these effective bars, there is a wide range of other fitness equipment, which can help shaping the body:
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