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Certain parts of the body are difficult to provide with specific, effective exercise. A Roman Chair is a specialised piece of gym equipment which helps to develop lower back muscles, which helps to alleviate back pain and results in a firmer, more toned backside.
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The All-Rounder for Your Fitness Room at Home - The Back Trainer

The purchase of fitness equipment for home use is an ideal option to start to regular sport activities. While the usage of cardio gym equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bikes & cross trainers can improve the endurance, working out with a back trainer creates a balanced trunk musculature.

Use the Back Trainer for an Athletic Posture

The term back trainer represents the most important training purpose, namely the strengthening of back muscles. However, a back trainer shapes the glut, as well as front and lateral abdominals. The high number of workout possibilities turns the back trainer into a universal weapon against extra pounds and a flabby posture, thus helps you achieve a dream body. At the same time it is possible to work chest and shoulder muscles. This ensures that the entire upper torso benefits from activating muscles that are essential for a natural and correct body posture.

What Are the Features of a Good Back Trainer?

The following characteristics are very important for an easy usage and effective training:

Heavy, slip-resistant feet
Robust frame
Adjustable and padded thigh posts
Convenient and adjustable back cushion
Easy assembly
Folding mechanism

Only a well-designed fitness equipment enables athletes to obtain optimal training stance. Our shop offers several models for various workout sessions.

Get Rid of Back Pain!

Targeted trunk musculature training can release you from chronic back pain. Eight out of ten adults have suffered at least once from severe pain in the lumbar region, the middle back, or neck. A job that requires constant sitting, increases all kinds of body aches. Start with a 15-minute workout up to three times a week in order to prevent more pain.

The Perfect Fitness Equipment for Body Toning

The back trainer is a helpful fitness equipment for successfully shaping up a very popular female problem zone, namely the gluteus maximus. As most fitness exercises demand an intensive effort of leg and glut muscles, the frequent tension enables you to shape and strengthen these areas very well.
A great side effect:
The back trainer strengthens the big muscle groups and creates the so called ''afterburner effect'', which helps burning calories even after workout sessions!
The reasons for ordering a back trainer are as varied as its possibilities of usage: Whether it is for an more attractive appearance, prevention of back pain, or tightening your muscles, the purchase of a Roman chair is worthwhile in any case!