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In the early days trampolines were only used as sports equipment in medical rehabilitation. However today you find them in many households. You can buy trampolines in different sizes and shapes for either inside or outside usage. Trampolining is fun for kids and adults. Find the perfect trampoline for your family at online shop.
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The trampoline - big jumps are allowed

Whether you want to improve your body coordination, increase your fitness, or just want to have fun, a trampoline is for you. A trampoline offers a combination of all these factors. It is used to improve jumping capabilities and uses many muscles in your body that you do not normally work out. Trampolines are also fun, making training a pleasure.
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Which trampoline is the right choice for you, of course, depends on your available space and individual requirements. To set up a garden trampoline, you need a large enough open space. Trampolines are available in various dimensions, so take a look and we are sure you can find the one which is the best for you. The setup is a breeze using the supplied installation instructions. Now about safety.  Among the trampoline accessories you can find different shaped nets so that all users can be safe and not fall off easily. Many other useful items among the trampoline accessories not only ensure your safety but also the protection of your new sports and leisure equipment. Trampoline covers protect from the elements and among the trampoline accessories are also suitable care and cleaning products. If you want to work with covers, the purchase of a trampoline with a foldable safety net is recommended. You can use the trampoline then collapse the net again, making it easy to put the cover over the trampoline. If you order your garden trampoline today, you could practice the first big jumps as early as tomorrow.

The trampoline, its structure and its versatility

Whether you opt for a mini trampoline or a bigger version, the construction is basically the same. Each trampoline consists of a metal frame, to which a net is fastened by means of springs made of a resilient elastic sheet metal. In order to obtain the necessary expansion area, the trampoline stands on feet. You will find different shapes and sizes, if you look at the trampolines on Diameters ranging from 2.20 to 4.65 meters (7ft 2in to 15ft 3in) are possible. Only a mini trampoline is, as the name suggests, much smaller. Here the usual average sizes are between 90 and 130 centimeters (2ft 11in to 4ft 3in). You can buy a mini trampoline in a rectangular version. Always follow the prescribed safety precautions when using this exercise equipment. To eliminate the risk of accidents, on a mini trampoline, there should be only one jumper on the jumping surface at a time. In the construction and operation you will also find information about the level of resilience. Pay attention to the specified maximum weights to prevent damage to yourself or your new sports device. If you do have a problem, our trampoline replacement parts offer the ability to perform minor repairs yourself. Again, you should make absolutely sure that safety is not compromised when jumping. In the online shop for trampoline replacement parts you can get replacement springs and many other useful things, making small repairs possible.

Fun and fitness for the road - the mini trampoline

For people who are very busy professionally and travel frequently, it's hard to find time to exercise and keep fit. One of the benefits of the mini trampoline is that it is lightweight and can travel with you almost anywhere. It is also easy to fold up and save space during transport in any car. Even in a hotel room, you have the opportunity to perform a few workouts. The high elasticity of the jumping cloth gives an impression of lightness that makes the workout seem a lot less stressful. You really should try it! On the mini-trampoline, you can not only jump, but also complete a workout that's very easy on the joints. You also train your sense of balance and coordination for specific movements. You will be surprised how much fun the regular trampoline training is. By the way, you can even burn fat and gain muscle mass. This will benefit your health and will ensure that you have a lot more fun in life. The mini trampoline is not only used in gyms, but also in medical rehabilitation. Visit us at and look at how comprehensive our products are in the fields of sports, fitness, and leisure.