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Almost every bathroom is equipped with a digital scale which is nowadays a must-have. You can easily monitor your own body weight. It has great benefits for health as a result. With the help of a bathroom scale, fluctuations can be identified immediately and necessary actions can be taken. Here you will find products from our brand JAGO.
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Bathroom Scales For Every Need

Gone are the days when only body-conscious individuals considered it worthwhile to have their own bathroom scale. No matter if one likes trendy digital glass scales, or modern body analysis scales – a purchase will be a good investment for your health. Water retention as well as fat and muscle mass can quickly be monitored. Weight fluctuations can also be identified while weighing one-self, even if those pants still seem to fit perfectly!

The Right Scale For Everyone

Not all scales are the same! There are just as many variations of bathroom scales as there are individual requirements when it comes to weight measurement. Several scales even offer practical additional functions, such as an automatic switch-off, a switch-on touch sensor, saving options, a battery capacity display, and much more.

Basically, one should distinguish between the following types of scales, which can be found when browsing through our online shop,
  • Classic bathroom scales
  • Body-fat scales
  • Body analysis scales (BMI indication)
  • Digital scales
  • Glass scales

Whereas a body-fat scale determines the fat and water content of your body through electrodes, a body analysis scale can actually give a more accurate measurement: It can provide information on your muscle and bone mass. Our digital scales belong to those, which show the various measurements on a readable display. In contrast to mechanical scales, digital scales can determine one's weight very precisely. Even weight differences of just a few grammes can, depending on the type of scale, be identified and saved as well. Another advantage is that two, or more persons can use it one after another, and afterwords request their individual results at any time.

A Matter Of Taste

The final purchase decision really depends on personal preferences. If one is putting emphasis on elegant design and appealing looks, glass scales will certainly be the best choice. They are available in various designs and forms, and therefore perfectly fit to every bathroom furniture.
Glass scales offer even another advantage: Their smooth and relatively robust glass surface allows easy and quick cleaning, and therefore keeps them looking like new, even after long use. Body fat scales and body analysis scales however, have a metallic surface in order to obtain the required measuring values through minimal electrical voltage.
Several of these scales have surfaces that are combinations of metal and glass, or plastic – depending on the buyer's preferences. Our variety of designs provides digital scales for nearly every taste – not to mention the wide range of different sizes and weights offered in our online shop: slim, flat and space-saving digital scales which fit into even the smallest bathroom. Have a look at our online shop, and find the suitable bathroom scale! Our wide range offers quality scales at fair value-for-money prices.