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Fingernails have become an important fashion accessory.  Taken this into account Jago.24 offers nail care equipment suitable for the hands and feet. Browse through our offers for basics such as the classic nail file for filing, grinding and polishing the nail or the nail dust collector as well as the UV nail dryer for UV nail polish and nail modellage.
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Manicured hands look great and make a good impression

Well manicured hands play an important role when we present ourselves today in everyday life. Soft skin and especially shiny, shapely nails help in making a positive first impression. A woman knows, of course, that our fingernails can become stylish eye-catchers and a top modern fashion statement.

With nail files, UV light and more for manicured and healthy nails

There are lots of possibilities when caring for your nails such as painting, adding a bit of glamour or leaving it natural and smoothly polished. - in addition to being necessary it is also a lot of fun.  Today there are comprehensive nail care programs for men and women taking care of both hands and feet. Manicure and pedicure not only keep the nails healthy, but also make them real eye-catchers. Nail scissors and conventional nail files with their limited possibilities have long outlived their purposes.  Modern, time-saving technique with accurate results which can be done in the comfort of your own four walls, without expensive nail salons and without unnecessary specialized products, are called for today. The following products that can be purchased online:

  • Nail files
  • UV-nail dryers
  • Nail dust collector
  • filter bag for nail collector

Wellness for hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure at home

The individual steps to beautiful nails on hands and feet are very easy. Our nail files are available in our online shop in various versions and are suitable for a wide range of functions ranging from  preparation to the finished result.  Shorten the nail to the desired size by filing, grinding,  whether round or square and then add a final touch by polishing.  Various grinding accessories or bits and many sanding bands will meet your individual needs. Hygienic and accurate results can be obtained by using our nail dust collector. Treat yourself to pure luxury with this spa package for hand and feet avoiding at the same time inflammation and diseases of the cuticle.

Great colours and individual designs with long lasting results

There is no end to nail care and fashionable nails. Especially the ladies probably all know the innumerable, charming trends, new facets and possibilities to do so. This relates to all  fashion- conscious people for every occasion from business casual, original colour accents to the chic glamorous look. All is permitted that pleases. The UV nail dryer which can also be purchased online from jago24.co.uk, does the rest. This dryer is ideal for UV nail polish as well as UV gel and acrylic. These are precisely the products that meet the zeitgeist because they are considered particularly robust and resilient. After treatment with this UV cosmetics you need not worry about brittle nails or unsightly cracks in the nail polish for a long time. If we have awoken your interest, it is worth your while to read our little tutorial concerning nail extensions, nail fillings and nail modellage.

Nail modellage quickly and easily for domestic use

Nail treatments of this type are no longer as complicated as they may seem and are no longer only performed by professionals in the nail studio and elsewhere. With the necessary know-how and the right equipment, this can be easily done at home. First of all the nails have to be prepared by pushing back the cuticles and cutting the nails, then oiled and brought into the appropriate shape with the file. For longer nails, tips or artificial nails, extensions can be inserted. These or the natural nails are roughened and liquid gel or acrylic applied. Now, the material need only to be dried under the UV nail dryer and you can look forward to beautiful, strong nails without cracks or splits. For lovers of nail art the fun just begins. Paint your nails according to your taste with an airbrush or decorate them with rhinestones or glitter applications. Once again the UV light provides valuable services and ensures long-lasting, aesthetic results.