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Whether at a sports championships, at your favourite restaurant around the corner, or even at home, dart is a real game classic which is a lot of fun, both as sport and as an entertaining pastime. Dartboards and accessories can be purchased from our online shop. Discover our electronic dartboards, darts and much more!
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Tips for purchasing dart accessories online

Darts is a game with a long tradition for both professional or recreational sport. The first games were played in the English-speaking world. The game was originally used for the  training of warfare skills. Later the game of darts moved to the taverns where people competed against each other rather than on the battlefield. The standard numbering plan which is still used today, was created in 1896 by the English carpenter Brian Gamlin. Darts were formerly made of wood. The first model made of metal was produced in 1906. In 1908 the game of darts was officially registered as a game of skill.

Today darts is played both in the leisure and sport sector. Darts is a sociable pastime which can be found in many taverns and in private homes. Dartboards and electronic dart machines are available in our online shop at  jago24.de in different versions.

Steel dart and soft dart - tradition versus modern

In darts there is a difference between two types of dart games. Soft darts is played on dart machines. Steel dart uses darts with metal tips which are thrown on a dartboard made of sisal fibre. Electronic darts games offer many advantages. The score is calculated automatically, the soft tips can do no great harm if the board is not hit and they are often included in the set. So you not only save time and money, but can also immediately start playing. A variety of dart games that can be played thanks to the various integrated programs.

You will find a wide selection of dartboards and accessories in our online shop. Visit our shop and browse through our large selection of dart machines, dartboards and accessories. Here your dart accessories can be purchased online - conveniently and easily.

Basics – material, form und parts of a dart

Each dart consists of 4 parts:

  • tip
  • barrel
  • shaft
  • flight

Each individual element can be designed differently. Differences occur not only in material but also in the shape and design.


The important function of the flight is to stabilize the path of a dart in the air. In former times flights were made of feathers or paper, today they are manufactured from synthetic materials with textile structure or polyester. Especially professionals rely on the former as the material is a little more robust and therefore more durable. It is recommended that beginners use bigger flights. Professionals, however, prefer to play with the smaller models as they allow three darts to fit at the same time in a field. Flights have many different forms, such as kite, slim, v-wing or diamond. There are no limits to the motifs and colours of the designs.


A plastic shaft is optimal as it is not only lightweight but also rather robust.  This material is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The shaft can also consist of spring steel, titanium or aluminum.


This gripping part forms the centerpiece of the dart and is crucial for the characteristic of the flight. They are made of brass, steel or tungsten alloy. The barrel is the main part of the dart whereas the flight and tip only improve the flying characteristics.


The choice of  tip depends basically on the board which is being used. Plastic tips can only be used with electronic boards whereas in the case of  steel darts, sisal boards and tips made of metal are used. A little tip: If there is no metal tip on hand for the steel dart, a plastic tip can also be used. This just has to be filed with a nail file at the front end so that it can also enter the sisal board.

The game – distance, rules, etc.

Once the dart board is chosen, darts and accessories ordered online or are on the way, the necessary precautions for the game can be taken. For those wanting to play conforming to professional requirements, the following distances should be held:

  • there should be a distance of 1.20 m on the right and left of the board
  • In the case of a freestanding dart machine this distance must also be kept behind  the machine.
  • 1.50 meters behind the throw line should also be held free, as this is where the thrower is positioned. These regulations and measures are only binding for championships.

Whether you prefer playing  on a dart machine or on a dartboard at home, darts is a wonderful pastime. In our online shop darts you will find darts accessories quickly and at a low cost. Here not only can you buy a dartboard but also choose from a variety of sets.