Billiard is a very popular leisure activity which is often played in groups of at least two people. Normally billiard is played in bars, but you can also get the right equipment for your home and play there. Get a billiard table, the pool balls and the cue sticks and start playing. You will find everything you need at jago24.co.uk
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Brought to Europe by British Army officers in the 19th Century, cue-based sports were developed from the original Indian game of billiards. The most popular variation is pool, a great sport that can be enjoyed at every level, from beginner all the way up to top-tier international tournaments and can be found in bars and pubs the world over. The game of snooker is a popular variant in the UK and Ireland, with the major international World Snooker Championship being hosted in Sheffield.

Whether you are a professional snooker player or playing casually over a pint, a pool table for your home is a great way to unwind, practice your skills, and share quality time with friends and family. A good quality table also looks stylish and adds a touch of originality to your home.


There are several different variations of billiards-based sport, and many of them have their own corresponding tables and equipment. A snooker table, for example, is larger than a standard pool table and requires a different set of balls, including 15 red balls and six of varying colours. We stock tables suitable for several game types, including pool tables and snooker tables, as well as the cues and accessories to match.


Friendly games of pool and snooker can be played on the same table, so the biggest constraint on your choice of table is space. A pool table takes up quite a bit of space in your house, and so you should always measure carefully to make sure you can comfortably fit the table in your chosen room, leaving extra space for players to handle their cues and line up their shots! Take the time to pick a table that's right for you, and then order online from the comfort of your own home with Jago24.co.uk!