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Football is a popular sport and known around the world. Fans cheer their heroes on the pitch and replay the matches on this great tabletop football. For a long time this foosball table sports game has been a source of entertainment at pubs as well as in the comfort of one's home.Treat yourself to some great fun with friends or family and start the next European Football Championship at home on a football table.
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Table Football: Great Fun For Young And Old

Football is a sport known all over the world. Whenever there's a possibility for kicking around balls, the young and old get together to form a convivial round. There is hardly a sport that motivates the masses such as foosball. Around 2000 BC, the soccer-like Ts'uh-chüh in China served as a popular form of sport during military school in order to prevent violence and surliness. It had been  forgotten over the years, however, in Ancient Greece and Rome soccer-like games could be found as well. Football began to spread all over England during the Middle Ages, as players from neighbouring villages tried to kick the ball into the opponent's town gate, which served as the soccer goal. However, concerning football itself, England is not the country of origin, but rather the birthplace of its determined and internationally recognised rules. Since then, the phenomenon of foosball has reached unimagined dimensions, as they can be seen in modern soccer stadiums nowadays. Smaller, but not less enthusiastic are the matches on football tables. Real fans can no longer imagine a life without imitating a match on its small replications. As soon as kids are able to look over the edge of the soccer table, contagious enthusiasm takes over them as well.

Foosball Tables And Their Beginnings In Public Houses And Bars

Most people know table football from smoky pubs where fanatics enthusiastically fought for the victory of their miniature team. It seems that playing at foosball tables is nearly as exhausting as playing on the pitch. Unlike real soccer players, the figurines on the tables are lined up on bars and only become active when navigated by their ''trainer''. The game rules are quite simple and make it possible for kids to contribute: The round thing goes into the square thing, if possible, into the opponent’s square thing. This is the reason why playing table football is a popular activity for the whole family. And some adults even have to face surprising defeats while competing with their little ones. In addition, it is possible to use various numbers of players, e.g. one against two, two against two, and etc. Moreover, team sports have a great pedagogical value, and if fun is added to that, everyone contributes with pleasure. Even the industry benefits from the table football, and therefore offers suitable covers for the figurines in order to let them look just like the favourite soccer team. So it's not red team against blue team anymore, but the local football club against the popular international one. These special covers are in great demand during local tournaments.

On The Pitch In All Weathers

Not many of us know that table football is not only a fun game played in pubs, youth clubs or at home, but is an internationally recognised form of sport as well. At large events and tournaments, enthusiasts fight against each other on the soccer tables while their fans and supporters cheer them.
Tabletop football has no language barriers and can therefore be found in almost every country. No matter if boy or girl, a passionate player makes sure that the small ball hits his competitor's goal. This shows that a lot of professionals-to-be can be found out there. Someone who owns a modern foosball table, will never experience boredom again. Almost everyone will be able to find free space at home for a soccer table in order to enjoy their hobby whenever desired. The use of this non-electrical foosball table requires skills and muscle power, and can therefore definitely compete with modern gaming consoles. No matter if in the garage, cellar, terrace, or the living room – wherever there is plenty of elbow space, enthusiastic table footballers become active. This is why Jago24 constantly offers these mini-stadiums, even if there are currently no events, such as the Football World Cup, or the European Football Championship.

Table football and its features:
  • attractive look,
  • robust construction,
  • ball-bearing massive steel bars,
  • metal fittings and cup holders with elegant chrome look,
  • adjustable feet and
  • slightly enhanced corners

Besides the above-mentioned qualities, a good reason to purchase the football table at is its price. Order this item now and you will be able to actively play at your own foosball table at any time. The assembly kit includes a multilingual instruction manual, 4 balls and four cup holders for thirsty football fans. We will not charge shipping costs for this item (except for COD). Choose between various looks among our soccer tables. Invite your friends for a first tournament at home after purchasing a 1400 x 780 x 878 mm sized foosball table. We deliver within 24 hours after receipt of payment, subject to availability (which can be seen in the product description).