Large Inflatable Dinghy with Aluminium Hull and Paddles
808,75 €*

Large Inflatable Dinghy with Aluminium Hul...

  L/W: ca. 460/195cm
  Weight empty: ca. 95 kg
  Max. load: ca. 1100 kg

Monofins in two sizes S: 28-33 (EU)

  size S/M
  easy to clean
Monofins in two sizes S: 28-33 (EU)
41,95 €*

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When the weather is nice, many people like to spend their time outside. Either in your own garden, on tours or on camping holidays: our online shop offers outdoor equipment for any occasion. Find for example camping tents, boats, fishing equipment, cases and a lot more outdoor equipment. Enjoy being outside and buy your equipment now at jago24.co.uk.
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Outdoor Shop: Practical, useful and low-maintanance items

In German, outdoor literally means "at the door". When this English term was established for the recreational pleasures in the great outdoors a few years ago, it mainly included equipment for rather extreme sports such as trekking, rafting, and camping. Today the term is an outdoor equipment for all applications, including hobbies and recreational activities. In the outdoor shop so you can find among other things, outdoor equipment for the garden and of course camping accessories.

Now we offer the following and more:
  • Modern seating made of poly rattan for your garden, conservatory, and patio
  • Various pavilions
  • Swings
  • Folding tables
  • Gas grills of various sizes
  • Various outdoor sports items
  • Camping gear
  • Inflatable rafts
  • Outboard Motors
  • Fishing Accessories

In the camping shop, you can fulfill all of your camping equipment needs with all the necessary accessories together. Our products from the camping shop include, for example, automatic or conventional tents and tents of all different sizes. You can also find a good selection of sleeping bags suitable for all climatic conditions. The lightweight rectangular sleeping bag is designed for those warm summer nights and the mummy sleeping bag protects you even against freezing temperatures. Order the matching iso-mats from the outdoor shop with the same, so that nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed night's sleep outdoors. In addition to the tents for camping outdoors, you can choose between different pavilions for your garden. Unusual shapes like our Star Pavilion will become optical highlights that will delight you and your guests, as well as keep you all safe.

Everything on the go - online shopping in the outdoor shop

Will your next camping trip take place on a lake, river, or canal? Are you planning a stay at the beach? Then just take a boat along for the ride. From our outdoor shop, you can order the right outboard engine. So you have the choice to glide over the water or move with speed and force. Matching seat covers provide a lot of convenience. It is important, however, to read and be aware of the relevant water legislation.  The use of an outboard motor isn't allowed everywhere. Plan carefully for your extended stays outdoors. Your luggage should be easy to transport and easy to handle. Especially on longer trekking tours, the weight of your camping equipment is of high importance. We also offer light tents, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories such as hiking or Nordic walking sticks. Are you taking a longer journey and possibly traveling by plane? Then you can store your luggage and equipment in the stable trolley sets. So you can be sure that your luggage arrives at the destination shockproof and shatterproof. Your mobile camping equipment can be transported as well.

The appropriate outdoor equipment for the garden

Camping Accessories Camping Store on jago24.de is not intended exclusively for travel and holidays. You will find many items that can be used in your own garden. The wide range of different gas grills in our outdoor shop will surely delight you. To keep meat and drinks cool, the portable cooler is excellent. With these, every garden party will be a success and your guests will feel well taken care of. They also provide for convenient, attractive and easy to care for seating. We also have rattan sofas of different compositions to withstand all weather conditions,  so you can create a comfortable outdoor living room. Whether you want a small tea table, a dining table, a single chair or benches, combine them as you like. Do you want light and mobile? No problem! A quality porch swing that you can put together following the assembly instructions, supplied with few handles, provides active fun and relaxing hours outdoors. You always wanted to have a garden shower, but would you also like warm or hot water? Do not think more about the laying of water pipes or power lines. A solar shower, combined with a high quality solar module can be set up anywhere in your garden. The nearest water supply is easily reached with a garden hose and the sun provides the electricity, at no cost to you, so that you can have a hot water shower in the garden. So treat yourself to a little luxury - the outdoor store of jago24.co.uk makes it very easy for you to do that. All orders that reach us by 18 o'clock (6 pm) will be - timely receipt of payment provided - delivered the next day. So you can also complete your outdoor gear for your garden at very short notice. Also remember the little ones! Among our products you will find enchanting children's seats, with sun shades in bright colors.