5 pcs set for pool cleaning

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  • thorough cleaning
  • incl. telescopic rod
  • incl. hose
  • incl. Pool suction cleaner
  • ABS, aluminium

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Contents Included

Thorough pool cleaning for perfect enjoyment

This extensive set for pool cleaning will make water in your pool hygienic and clean. Thanks to this helper, cleaning will not be tiring anymore. It is suitable for small and large pools, with or without skimmer and provides top hygiene of bottom, walls and water surface. The net will help you remove leaves, branches and other dirt from the surface, brush will help you clean walls or bottom and suction cleaner with attachments will remove dirt from the bottom. All surfaces should be cleaned regularly to avoid growth of algae and have clear and hygienically clean water.  You can find a wide range of pool cleaning sets and garden equipment in our online shop at jago24.de.
  • practical set for thorough pool cleaning
  • telescopic rod with adjustable length
  • net for collecting branches and other dirt from the surface
  • suction cleaner with different attachments
  • cleaning brush for removing dirt from pool walls and stairs
  • practical and useful equipment
Technical Information
  • telescopic rod (l/Ø): ca. 120-360/2.9 cm (47.2-141.7/1.14 in)
  • hose (l/Ø): ca. 75/3.2 cm (29.5/1.25 in)
  • net with rod (l/w/h): ca. 168-384/48.5/5 cm (66.1-151.2/19.1/1.9 in)
  • attachment 1 for suction cleaner with rod (l/w/h): ca. 177-393/16/15 cm (69.7-154.7/6.3/5.9 in)
  • attachment 2 for suction cleaner with rod (l/w/h): ca.  177-393/23/15 cm (69.7-154.7/9.05/5.9 in)
  • brush with rod (l/w/h): ca. 150-369/23.5/5 cm (59-145.2/9.25/1.9 in)
  • total weight: ca. 2.38 kg (5.25 lbs)
  • material: ABS, aluminium
  • colour: white, blue
Contents Included
  • 1 x pool cleaning set PBSAG007A which includes:
  • 1 x telescopic rod
  • 1 x hose
  • 1 x net
  • 1 x pool suction cleaner
  • 1 x brush
  • 1 x attachment 1
  • 1 x attachment 2
  • 3 x connector
  • 1 x multilingual instructions  (DE/EN/FR/ES)
Art.No.: PBSAG007A0000000