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The first question that arises when planning your holiday is also the most important: where I will be staying? Then you can either book a hotel room or a holiday flat. However, even camping trips, where a suitable tent is required, enjoy great popularity. Camping tents come in different sizes and variations. You have the choice ranging from a beach shelter, a beach tent that protects you mainly from the UV radiation of the blazing sun on the beach to family tents. These can be combined with our versatile camping equipment. Everything you need for a camping holiday can be found at Jago24.
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Built in a matter of seconds - beach shelters and tents

The term pop-up tent is derived from the way the tent is mounted. Pop-up tents have fibreglass rods which are already assembled and fitted into the fabric of the tent. They have a strong clamping force and will always return to their original shapes. Pop-up tents are folded and then packed in a carry bag. When removed from its bag and thrown into in the air, they open automatically in an upright position. They can then be anchored quickly into the ground with pegs. Repackaging after camping can be a little difficult due to the high tension force of the fibreglass rods.

Beach shelters and tents for optimal relaxation on the beach

Our pop-up beach shelters have the same practical type of construction as our pop-up tents: They are self-erecting and can be completely assembled in only 1-2 seconds, without you having to do much. Due to its size, two adults easily fit in a beach shelter. They are also ideal for families as they offer high UV protection. Discover our selection of different coloured beach shelters and relax, without having to worry about the intense sunlight on the beach!

Order your tunnel tents online at a low cost

Tunnel tents can accommodate several persons comfortably. This camping tent has two or more sleeping compartments to allow for privacy. Tunnel tents have several windows with mosquito nets which are good for airing. In bad weather when the windows are closed, this tent scores due to its breathable fabric. Moisture is directed outwards while the inside remains dry. The covered and  closed entrance remains dry when it rains. Shoes, backpacks and supplies can be stored there, without getting wet. Thanks to modern fibreglass construction, the tunnel tent is set up quickly and easily.

In the online shop at jago24.co.uk, tunnel or automatic tents for four persons can be found -  width 340 cm, depth 480 cm and height 190 cm.

Buy family tents at Jago24.co.uk

Family tents are a bit bigger than tunnel tents. They offer several divisible compartments and usually a foyer, where you can stand. As the name implies, family tents are designed for larger groups staying for a prolonged period in the camping tent. A prerequisite here is good ventilation and breathability. The luxurious versions have additional lighting.

Tipi tents for the perfect Indian feeling

With a tipi tent you will surely attract attention. The tipi tents are conically pointed. They are usually designed so that even tall people can stand comfortably in its middle. Due to its special form, rain slides off very quickly and does not penetrate into the interior. You will find a wide selection of camping tents and other camping products such as sleeping bags, camping stoves, tableware and camping furniture in our online store at jago24.co.uk.  Browse through our offers and order your camping gear for the next holiday today.